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2023 Junior Senior Prom Information

SFHS 2023 Junior Senior Prom is on Saturday, April 29th at the J.D.Fuller Recreation Center from 7:00pm to 11:pm.

  • Prom dues are $75.00 until 03/15; $85.00 from 03/16 to 04/01; after 04/01'till Prom day is $95.00
  • Prom agreement must be signed by parents; guest agreement has to be approved by
    admin or employer/college.
  • No one over 21 years old; no freshman/sophomores will be permitted at prom.
  • Responsible SGA/NHS members will be servers for service hours.
  • Appetizers and finger foods will be served at the Prom.
  • Junior homeroom teachers will be required to work at the prom.