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Bus Riders Need to Know

1.  Seventy-First High School is a NO HEAD GEAR campus.  If you have Hats, scarves, headphones, or any other headgear, you will need to remove them at this time.  (pause and give students time to remove all head gear) 

2.  If you have a cell phone or any electronic devices, please turn these items off and secure them where they cannot be seen at this time.  These devices should not be seen or heard during the school day or they will be confiscated. (pause and give students time to turn off and secure all electronic devices)

3. Your pants are to be secured at your waist at all times.  We do not tolerate or accept wearing your pants below your waist on our campus and you will be sent back home if you fail to comply with this directive.

4. Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right.  Misbehavior on the bus will cause you to be removed from the bus permanently and you will have to find your own transportation to school.