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Snowman Contest

The snowman contest will be held from January 10th-25th. Create a snowman/snowwoman masterpiece using styrofoam balls with a career theme (ie snowmen doctors, snowmen judges, snowmen teachers, snowmen mechanics, etc.) This is a fun family project for you and your child. (Please make sure it is school-appropriate.) Students may start bringing in their creations on January 10th. The contest will end on January 25th and judging will be that day. Awards and pickup will be on January 28th. Snowman creations will be judged on creativity, neatness, detail, clear vision, and the use of multiple materials. There will be a trophy for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, and a people's choice award. Creations that are not taken home will be thrown away on January 28th at 2:45 pm. Rules-SSnowmen must be made with styrofoam balls, creations must be secured to a base, they must follow the theme of the contest and only one snowman per student can be submitted. Please bring your child's creation to the front of the school to register for the contest between 7:15 am-7:50 am ONLY. '