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The following areas make up Student Support Services:

Exceptional Children
Adapted Physical Education
Assistive Technology
Behaviorally/Emotionally Disabled
Behavioral Support Services
Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Educable/Trainable/SPMD Disabled
Health/Nursing Services
In School Scouting
Occupational Course Of Study/Transition
Parent Educator/Liaison
Physical/Occupational Therapy
Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities
Resource and Home School Service Delivery Model
Visually Impaired

Federal Programs
Title I, Part AImproving the Academic Achievement of Disadvantaged Students – Federal Assistance targeted to meet the needs of serving at-risk students in Reading and Math.  Qualifications are based on test data and poverty levels using free/reduced lunch data and the application process.

Title I Pre-K/NC Pre-K – Title 1 Pre-Kindergarten is a federally funded program that serves children and families with the greatest educational needs as determined by screening.  This program is designed to provide quality educational experiences for 4-year old children that will help them prepare for successful kindergarten and other educational settings.  The NC Pre-K is a state funded Pre-Kindergarten program.  This program is designed, to provide quality experience for 4-year olds who are at risk for school failure in order to enhance their readiness for Kindergarten.

Family Literacy Program – The Family Literacy Program provides a unified program of adult education, parenting education, early childhood education services, and interactive parent and child literacy activities. The Family Literacy Program promotes adult literacy and empowers parents to support the educational growth of their children. Parents attend adult education classes on a daily basis.

Title III – Language Instruction for LEP and Immigrant Students (English as A Second Language-ESL) – Federal Assistance targeted for language minority students identified as limited English proficient (LEP).

Title VI – IDEA Exceptional Children Services and IDEA Preschool – Federal assistance targeted to provide services for IDEA Exceptional Children qualifying students.

Title VII (Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native Education) – Federal Assistance targeted to meet the needs and promote student achievement for the Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native student population.

Title VII (Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native Education) – Federal Assistance targeted to meet the needs and promote student achievement for the Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native student population.

Title VIII (Impact Aid) – Federal Assistance designed for impacted school districts as a result of Government owned property.

Army Youth Program in Your Neighborhood
Army Youth Programs in Your Neighborhood (AYPYN) partners with school districts and other communtity based youth organizations that probide quality after-school programs for youth 11-18 years of age atending middle andh igh schools off the installation.

Prime Time
Join Prime Time in the mornings and afternoons for hours of fun.  Parents can spend their afternoons worry free knowing that their child is not being transported to another facility.  Children will have an opportunity to participate in sports, games, arts and crafts and special events.  Homework time is also offered for children who wish to complete their homework before they go home.  Children have an opportunity to explore activity areas or do teacher  instructed activities throughout the day.

Student Assignment
Each student in the Cumberland County Schools is assigned to the school of his/her grade level serving the attendance area in which the student’s parent or court-appointed custodian resides. The Student Assignment Office has the responsibility of insuring all students are attending the appropriate schools.In addition to school assignment, the Student Assignment Office also helps parents, students, and schools with issues involving custody, residency, family hardships involving school assignments and Choice Program application procedures. All students residing in Cumberland County are eligible to apply to the CCS’ Choice Program during the application period. For more information on the CCS’ Choice Program, please visit the Choice Program Website.

Student Services
Character Education
Counseling Services
Dropout Prevention
Health Services/Homebound
Military Child
Psychological Services
Safe & Caring Schools
Section 504/American disabilities Act
Transition Services