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"Overcoming The Odds" Author Antonio Webb Visits Westover High School Nursing Students

Westover's Academy of Health Sciences hosted Dr. Antonio Webb, MD, an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Author ('Overcoming The Odds'), and motivational speaker from San Antonio, Texas. He presented a bit of his background and story and showed students a pre-release of his documentary based on his book, 'Overcoming The Odds'. Westover's Academy of Health Sciences was honored to be the only high school he came to and conducted a pre-release showing followed by a question and answer session. It was a powerful event that impacted many students on a personal level, and many were greatly encouraged. 

Ms. Denise Ewart-Purvis, AOHS Director, helped coordinate invitations to other teachers and students.  Also, Principal, Dr. Vernon Lowery, bought 50 of his books, sent them directly to students' homes and many students completed the book prior to his class visit. Students of Westover's Health Academy were in attendance, and a special collaboration took place with Ms. Regina Smith and eleven of her students from Southview High School who also came into the virtual classroom. 

If anyone is interested to learn more about Dr. Antonio Webb, please buy his book & read it, and check out his YouTube channel. It is filled with great content.

(Submitted by Joy Graham)