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Cumberland Modernization Project

The Cumberland Modernization Project has begun! The purpose of this project is to transform our Finance and Human Resource systems into a single integrated cloud-based system. In connection with the NCDPI, CCS will join other districts such as Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Gaston, and Guilford in implementing Oracle Cloud HCM and ERP.

The stated goals of the school business systems modernization (SBSM) initiative include:

★  Enable near real-time position visibility and control

★  Provide data management and advanced analytics for decision support

★  Replace discontinued and obsolete systems

★  Simplify monitoring and compliance

★  Eliminate unnecessary duplication

★  Increase efficiency of operations

CherryRoad Technologies and DavenportLawrence are partnering together with
Cumberland County Schools in replacing our aging legacy systems. We look forward to
working together with everyone to bring our new Modern Cloud system online.
We anticipate the new Cumberland Modernization System to come online at the beginning
of 2022. We will keep you informed throughout the modernization process, and we will have
more information to share in the upcoming months.

Clyde Locklear, Associate Superintendent
Executive Sponsor, Cumberland Modernization Project

For additional information contact: