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Choice Application Reopens
The Choice application is scheduled to re-open beginning Tuesday, May 31 for Cumberland Academy K-5, Cumberland Academy 6-12, Massey Hill Classical High School, Montclair Elementary School (Kindergarten only) Owen Elementary School (Kindergarten only), Reid Ross Classical Middle and High School (Grades 6 -12) and Seventy-First Classical Middle School. Families will have up until May 31 to determine which program best suits them and their child.

Proposed 2023-23 Budget
The School Board unanimously approved the proposed budget for the 2022-23 school year that CCS Superintendent Dr. Marvin Connelly, Jr., says “focuses on lifting up every student, every school, and every premier professional throughout the district and rising above the negative impacts of COVID-19.” As part of his presentation, he recommended how to allocate the $699 million proposed budget, titled “Together, We Will Rise.” To learn more about the proposed budget, visit   

DON'T FORGET: 2022 District Stakeholder Survey 
Cumberland County Schools periodically collects input from its stakeholders to inform our school goals and assess our district's ability to serve students and the community. So, CCS has partnered with Hanover Research to administer the 2022 District Stakeholder Survey. To take this less than 10-minute survey, follow this link or paste the URL in your web browser: