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2021 Holiday Greeting Card Competition Winners

"A Season of Unity" Showcases the Talents of
Cumberland County Schools Students.
Students designed holiday greeting cards that convey a united community.
Fayetteville, N.C. – Cumberland County Schools (CCS) is proud to announce the winning entries from the 2021 Holiday Greeting Card Competition. Principals and Visual Arts teachers from all CCS attendance areas worked together to encourage students at their schools to create original artworks to represent the contest theme, A Season of Unity.
Students from elementary, middle and high schools in the 10 attendance areas of CCS submitted their entries to their respective schools. The principals and Visual Arts teachers selected two pieces of art to submit for the competition. A panel of judges then selected first, second and third place winners for each attendance area.
Pine Forest Attendance Area:
First-Place: Jalani McBryde (Pine Forest Middle) – Untitled
Second-Place: Lorna Glenney (Pine Forest Middle) – Untitled
Third-Place: Jocelyn Croker (Spring Lake Middle) – Untitled