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May 3-7, 2021 All Call ~ CLICK HERE FOR TRANSCRIPT

It's Teacher Appreciation Week and we would like to thank all our teacher's for their hard-work and dedication in these unprecedented times. We would also like to recognize the parents who have taken on a teaching role for their children. We appreciate all of you and your extraordinary efforts!

As we enter exams, we would like to highlight a few reminders and ask your help following up with your child:

  • Earlier this week, a testing letter and Bus Schedule Link was posted to all student CANVAS accounts (and Parent CANVAS accounts if you have one). Teachers have also included this information in their normal parent communication (Classtag, email,etc.) Please review these documents.
  • Students should get a good night's sleep.
  • In-person students will leave their laptops overnight al the school to charge prior to exams.
  • Virtual students should sign out of everything and shut down laptops completely (wait until the screen goes completely black) then charge the laptop qvernight on the charger they were issued so it is fully charged in the morning. Please don't use cell phone chargers.
  • If your student was never issued a laptop, we will make one available for them to take the test.
  • All exams begin promptly at 7:30 am. It is important all students are in place and on time.


Monday, May 3- Extend 1 testing begins today

Tuesday, May 4-  Math EOG small group  testing

Wednesday, May 5- All Students are Asynchronous (at home). 

Thursday, May 6 - ELA EOG small group testing

Friday, May 7- Science EOGs - all students