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March 29-April 1, 2021 All-Call ~ CLICK HERE

We have a lot of time-sensitive and important information to share with you this week. Remember, if you miss a portion of this call, the transcript is always available on our web page under "Raider News."

  • We would like to remind parents and students that instruction begins at 7:30, and the expectation is for all students to be in their seats by that time. If you arrive at 7:30, you need to park and come to the front office to sign your child in.
  • 8th graders' reminder: The link for 9th grade Course Selection is on our website and must be completed by April 1st.
  • Our School Resource Officer, Deputy Britt, would like to remind all car drivers that Ramsey Street is an active school zone when you enter AND when you exit, from 7-8 a.m. and 2:10-3:10 p.m. There will be additional officers over the next several weeks running radar in our school zone. Please remember to keep your speed at 35 MPH after you exit the school until you are clear of the school zone.
    Thank you for helping keep our Pine Forest family safe!



  • For Parents who selected Bus Transportation and "In-Person" under Plan A of the CCS survey: We hope to have passenger lists available next week.
  • If you did not complete the survey and want your child to ride the bus: call 910-488-2711, option 1 no later than Wednesday, March 31 to be put on a bus waiting list. It is a first-come, first-served list.


  • Personal devices will not work on our network when we return to school. If you have not requested a laptop, and are choosing to send your child to school, it is important you call (910) 488-2711 no later than Wednesday, March 31 so we can prepare one for your child(ren). 

Monday, March 29- Cohort A is In-Person / Cohort B is Remote

Tuesday, March 30- Cohort A is In-Person / Cohort B is Remote

Wednesday, March 31- All Students are Asynchronous (at home). 

Thursday, April 1- All Students are Asynchronous (at home)

Friday, April 2- April 11th is Spring Break. We wish all our families a safe and relaxing vacation. Classes resume April 12th.


Cars entering campus will veer right at the fork towards the front of the school. Traffic will fork again to form 2 lanes. All cars turning left onto Ramsey Street/401 North will need to be in the left lane. If you want to turn RIGHT on Ramsey Street when you exit, you must choose the right lane. Remember not to cross over the yellow line once you get to the flagpole.

We have a “four car” drop off for car riders. The first two (2) vehicles in each car line will be screened at the same time. Once the children are clear, the next four cars in each line will pull up. Parents: please make sure your students have all items in-hand and are prepared to exit the vehicle immediately.

Car riders may not be dropped off in the back parking lot.

School Zone speed limit is 35 MPH

Meal Bundles:

3-Day Meal Bundles will be sent home with your child Tuesday or Friday depending on their Cohort. You do not need to sign up for this. Bundles will be available to all students at no charge.