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Yay for Plan A! What do I need?

There have been changes to re-entry dates based on Cumberland County metrics. Please review at: Re-entry Portal and Information Center
Students still have daily screening, including temperature checks. Please be patient and know we are all doing our best to be quick and accurate.
Bus/Transportation (County should post by April 9th)
  • When a student/parent logs into the Student/Parent Portal, click on Transportation on the left main menu (see image below)
  • Transportation details will show if the student is assigned to a bus and the data is loaded into PowerSchool.  
  • If a student is not routed on a bus, the screen will be blank for the student.
  • If a student is routed on a bus, the screen in the portal will then show the bus number, stop location and time for AM & PM.
  • Students are still required to wear masks on the bus.
  • Disclaimer: The CCS Safety and Security Department guidelines forbid us from posting bus route documents on our site for all to see.

Screenshot of transportation information in Canvas

  • On face-to-face days, students will bring  their school-issued laptop, fully charged. This will be used to complete assignments in both the remote and face-to-face settings. 
  • Note: Peresonal devices should not be brought to school. We are unable to get outside devices on a secure network.
  • Students may bring their charging cord but may not share it with other students.  
  • It is also recommended that they bring a pair of headphones for independent work such as SuccessMaker during school.  
All Teachers have communicated supply lists in CANVAS, So check there first. The goal is to greatly reduce and hopefully eliminate opportunities for cross contamination. The majority of assignments will continue to be online so we can be as "paperless" as possible.
Students in the building (face-to-face) will need:
  • a face mask,
  • pencils,
  • loose-leaf paper or spiral notebook,
  • pencil sharpener,
  • a water bottle (optional).  Students will not be able to get water from the water fountains, only to fill up water bottles. 
  • Cafeteria lunch will be available. Students may bring their own lunch, but refrigeration and microwave is NOT available. Students may not share food.
Students are also allowed to have their own individual hand sanitizers.
Wish List Items: these items would help teachers if you are able to donate; hand sanitizer (60% alcohol minimum), disinfecting wipes, extra pencils, and individual packages of tissues.  
Please contact your child's teachers for any additional materials.

What's our schedule?

7:00 am – 7:29 –drop off and screening /7:30 is the late bell

1st period – 7:30 – 8:25

2nd period- 8:29 – 9:22

3rd period- 9:26 – 10:19

4th Period 10:23 – 11:47

  • 4th Period and 6th/7th grade lunch
  • 10:23 -11:16 is 4th Period for 8th grade

5th period 11:51 – 12:44

  • 5th Period and 8th grade lunch
  • 11:20 – 12:44 5th Period for 6th /7th graders

6th period - 12:48 -1:41

7th period - 1:45 -2:40


All plans are contingent upon the COVID-19 metrics.


For the most up-to-date information: Re-entry Portal and Information Center