Dress Code

  • Dress Code 


    The FTS staff has discretion in making judgments relating to the appropriateness of dress. Appropriate dress is necessary in order to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and safety. Terry Sanford High School is focused on learning and the staff and administration are committed to providing a safe, orderly learning environment for all students. Terry Sanford will make the necessary accommodations for religious types of headgear or head coverings that would be otherwise restricted. In order to support this, the following dress code will be enforced:

    Students are prohibited from wearing clothing, jewelry, or other articles of personal appearance which:

    ● Depict profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, or violence;
    ● Promote use of abuse of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol;
    ● May create a threat to the health or safety of the student or others;
    ● Are associated with intimidation, violence, or violent groups and about which students have been notified, or
    ● May create a significant risk of disruption to the educational process or to the operation of the school.

    The following specific items are also not permitted:

    ● Clothing worn in such a manner as to reveal underwear/undergarments
    ● Bare feet, bedroom slippers
    ● See-through, mesh garments
    ● Clothing that is excessively baggy or tight
    ● Bedroom attire or pajamas
    ● Sunglasses worn inside the school building
    ● Sagging pants are not allowed. Sagging will be defined as pants and/or shorts low enough to allow whatever is under the pants/shorts, regardless of how many layers exist, to be visible.
    ● Jeans with holes above the knees are not permitted unless tights are worn under
    ● Bare midriff shirts, “belly shirt, crop top”
    ● Strapless or backless shirts, sleeveless shirts
    ● Shorts, skirts or dresses more than 3 inches above the knee.
    ● Attire with messages or illustrations that are lewd, indecent, or vulgar or that advertise any product or service not permitted by law to minors
    ● Any adornments such as chains or spikes are not allowed.
    ● Bandannas are not allowed on TSHS and/or Cumberland County school property.
    ● Any other article of appearance that is physically revealing or provocative.
    ● Hats, hoodies on your head, bonnets, scarves, ski masks, gator face masks, or any other non-religious headwear.

    Compliance and Correction:

    Students must arrive appropriately dressed.

    If a violation occurs:
    ● A student who is not in compliance will be given a reasonable opportunity to make adjustments so that he or she will be in compliance. Promptly address the issue by changing or covering the clothing.
    ● If a student is not in compliance with the 2023-2024 Dress Code Guidelines after 8:30 a.m., and CANNOT fix it, the student will report to Ms. Tompkins at the AP Suite and call for someone to bring the proper item. The student will be escorted to RJC to wait until appropriate clothing is brought for the student to change into. Once the student has corrected their dress, they will be sent to class.
    ● Students are expected to maintain the corrections throughout the school day to prevent disruptions.
    ● No student shall be suspended out of school based solely upon violation of an existing individual school dress code. However, repeated dress code violations may be viewed as insubordination. Additional RJC/OSS days for repeat offenses.

    You must come to school dressed appropriately.
    It is YOUR JOB to follow the dress code!