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    2024 Graduation Information

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    Senior picture 

    Jostens - class ring ordered? 

    Senior class meeting (Aug. 30) in Auditorium


    Ms. McMillan (Yearbook)

    Ms. Renee Williams (front office) 

    Principal Dr. Abraham-Johnson


    Scholarship websites 


    • E. Grevel - A-F
    • M. Parks - G-L
    • M. Holt    - M-R
    • S. Kraczkowski  S-Z


    13th: Josten’s - order Cap/Gown, etc.

    • Will hold meeting with 11th/12th grade

    Scholarships + College Application deadlines 

    Order Yearbook 

    Senior Class  meeting (Oct. 26 @ 10:00)

    Ms. Williams 


    Ms. McMillan

    Principal / Graduation Committee


    Meet with counselor - 28 credits to graduate


    • E. Grevel - A-F
    • M. Parks  - G-L
    • M. Holt     - M-R
    • S. Kraczkowski  S-Z 


    Last time to order Cap/Gown at reduced price 



    Senior Class Meeting (Jan 25 @ 10:00)

    Josten’s Cap/Gown - Price increase 

    Principal / Mrs. Vajner 


    Senior Graduation Audits


    • E. Grevel - A-F
    • M. Parks - G-L
    • M. Holt   - M-R
    • S. Kraczkowski  S-Z 


    Senior Class Meeting  ( Mar 26 @ 10:00)

    Principal / Vajner


    Live United Volunteer Hours Due



    Graduation check list 

    Senior Awards Program (May 16 @ 7pm in    


    Graduation practices 

        May 21 @ 4pm in main gym

        May 23 @ 2 pm in main gym

        May 29 @ 12:00 pm at Crown 

    • Students arrive by 11:00 am
    • Wear dress clothes; bring cap/gown and approved regalia 




    Graduation  June 4, 2024 @ 2:00 at Crown

    • Student must arrive by 1:00 pm 





    List of Approved Graduation Regalia & Contact Person

    Regalia Recognition

    What it is 

    Contact Person 

    Can be earned 


    4-Year A Honor Roll

    Red Cord


    By 12th Grade

    Must have maintained all A’s all four years while at FTS 

    Academy of Scholars



    12 Grade

    Selected and participated in the Academy of Scholars - Top 25 students 

    AFJROTC Stole  

    Blue and White 


    9-12th grade 

    Any student who complete 3 years of AFJROTC program is eligible; will be awarded their senior year

    AFJROTC Honors

    Navy/Gold double 


    12th grade

    Must hold a senior leadership position within AFJROTC; and member of JROTC Honor society 




    9-12 grade 

    Must be AIG Identified 

    AP Capstone 

    Purple - Certificate

    Purple/Silver - Diploma


    10th - 12th grade

    Certifcate: passed Seminar/Research 3 or above

    Diploma: passed 6 AP’s with 3 or above (2 being Sem & Res.)

    AP Scholar

    Lt Blue/Silver twisted


    11th-12th grade

    Recognized by CB as an AP Scholar based on AP score average  (determined by CB)

    CTE Honors

    Teal Cord


    11th-12th grade


    Governor’s School

    Maroon / Gold Twisted


    11th grade 

    Selected and Attended Governor’s school 

    Key  Club Honors

    Navy blue with emblem


    9-12th grade 

    Be active member within NHS and meet service requirements 

    Live United Service 

    Red/White/Blue twisted


    12th Grade 

    Completed a minimum of 50 volunteer hours during senior year

    Marine Science Honors 

    Teal/White twisted


    11-12th grade 

    Must hold leadership role in Lab and maintain a 3.0 GPA


    Black/White double


    11th Grade 

    Served as graduation marshal your junior year 

    National Art Honors Society

    Rainbow twisted cord


    At any grade

    Inducted into the NAHS 

    National Honor Society

    Gold Cord & White Stole


    10th - 12th

    Inducted into NHS and completed required service projects 

    National Math Honors Society

    Lt  Blue/Gold twisted

    Math Chair

    Upon Induction

    Inducted into the NMHS 

    NC Academy of Scholars



    12th Grade 

    Completed required courses to attend a 4-year institution of higher learning in the State of NC

    School of Global Studies 

    Red/White Collar


    Must graduate as Global student

    Part of Global Studies; completes required volunteer hours each year; maintains 3.0 GPA; 10 AP/FTCC; attends req. Functions 

    Student Council

    Red/White/Blue Ribbon with Medallion


    At any grade

    Served in an elected capacity on SGA Student Council.  Medallion is specialized based on years’ of service 


    Cords must be academic or service-oriented based to be considered eligible for graduation regalia.  All regalia must be pre-approved by the Graduation Committee AND the SIT team by the end of September to be awarded that year. 


    Information on:  Transcripts, Scholarships, etc.



    Class of 2023 you can go to and request your own transcript to be sent to any school in NC for free. Just make an account and find the request transcript button.

    Current seniors- please use  you request your transcript if you are staying in NC.  If you are not please use Commo App.

    Or. you can click the link below to do an online request:

    Transcripts are not automatic. Once you submit one through or common app, it does take the school anywhere from 5 to 45 business days to pull it in on their end. Please call their admissions' office to see what is the quickest way for them to receive it.


    Scholarship opportunities:


    Use the link to access the Cumberland County Foundation scholarships.  You must create an account and have filed the FASFA form.  Check this website for timelines and due dates.


    FTCC       If you are a current FTCC student and would like to add or drop a class:


     You have to submit a drop/add form which can be found on the  FTCC website. Please know FTCC starts August 21st.   There is a open house at FTCC on August 19th at 9am at the Tony Rand Center. Please attend it if you have no idea how to login to your  classes or need to find where your classes are located. We do not have  your login information you would have to contact FTCC helpdesk.


    Volunteer Hours for Live United Cord 


    Use the Volunteer hour form to document your hours.  You may also fill out the QR code to complete digital form instead.  



    1. 50 hours or more must be completed

    2. Hours completed during your Senior year only (May 2023 to April 2024) only

    3. Hours must be  with a business or service taken place in Cumberland County 

    4.   must have signature and contact information for supervisor to verify hours 

    5. You may volunteer at multiple locations to quality. 

     Graduation Tickets


    Every person (from newborn baby and older) must have a graduation ticket to enter the Crown on graduation day.  

    Every graduating Senior will receive 10 tickets for graduation.  These are printed by the Crown and are provided at no cost. Tickets will be handed out to all seniors at the last practice (at the Crown) and not before. 

    The request for additional graduation tickets will be limited to 5 additional tickets.  The request form for the 5 additional tickets will be released at the beginning of May.  

    Tickets are not assigned a seat number, therefore, should you desire additional tickets, have your senior talk with friends who may not need all 10.  

    Crown, CCS and TSHS Rules for Graduation  (subject to change)

    Senior Graduation Handout


    1. Everyone entering the complex must have a ticket 

    2. No bags allowed larger than a compact wallet size

    3. Baby bags -should be clear bags 

    4. No balloons, decorations, signs or noisemakers are allowed 

    1. During graduation - no cheering or yelling during the ceremony - this is to maintain the dignity of the ceremony but also to allow other families/students to hear names called 

    2. No decorations are allowed on the caps or gowns of the graduates 

    3. Graduates MUST arrive at least 1 hour before the scheduled time for graduation; carry in caps/gowns.

    4. No hangers or bags are allowed in the staging area

    5. After graduation, Graduates will meet families in the parking lot 

    1. All graduates are required to attend all three practices (see schedule; plan now)

    2. Any fees must be paid to participate in practices

    3. Laptops and charging cords must be returned to the media center prior to first practice 

    4. Sports uniforms must be cleaned and turned in to the coaches prior to the first practice 

    5.  Verify with teachers and guidance counselors eligibility to graduate