Foundations of Math 1

  • Contact Information
    Name:  Mr. Sherman Sumpter
    Room: 220
    Telephone Number:  (910) 672-2830


    Course Description
    Students of Foundations of Mathematics I will focus on the exponents, expressions, equations, inequalities, functions, various types of graphs, polynomials, factoring, radicals, and Pythagorean Theorem.


    Kennedy, Dan, Ph.D.,, enVision Integrated Mathematics I, Boston: Pearson, 2019 (digital textbook, the workbook will be provided). 


    The following should be brought to class daily.
    *Composition Notebook
    *Pencils (NO PENS)
    *Earbuds that connect to the computer


    Grading Policy
    All assignments are due by the specified due date.  Late assignments will not receive full credit. All grades will be posted in PowerSchool.

    Final grades are calculated as follows
    ● Tests/Projects: 45%
    ● Quizzes:  20%
    ● Homework/Classwork:  35%


    North Carolina Department of Education Grading Scale is a follows
    A 100 – 90
    B 89 – 80
    C 79 – 70
    D 69 – 60
    F 59 and below



    Class Expectations
    Attendance (Makeup Work Policy): Students must follow their assigned schedule.  Students who are absent from class have 3 days to make up any work missed during an absence. It is the student’s responsibility to inquire about assignments missed during an absence. Whenever possible, students should give adequate notice that they will miss class. All assignments and communication will be through the Canvas Learning System. If you are absent the day a test or quiz is given, YOU must make arrangements with me to make up the test or qui as soon as possible. If you are absent the day some are due, you must turn the work in by 9:15 am on the first day you return to school.  Projects assigned prior to the absence are due by 9:15 am on the first day you return to school.


    Assignments: All assignments should be turned in to the online portal (Canvas) by 11:59 pm on the due date. Late work assignments will not be accepted unless an unfortunate circumstance occurs. DO NOT ask for an extension!


    Homework and Classwork: To be successful in math, practice is extremely important. It is needed to reinforce each day’s lesson. Homework and/or classwork will be assigned almost every day digitally.


    Notebooks:  You will be required to keep a notebook.


    Participation: Daily there will be collaborative learning activities and it is very important that you contribute to all activities to enhance your learning.


    Assessments: Assigned at the end of each unit.


    Quizzes: Will be assigned daily and will serve as post-checks.


    Projects: Assigned throughout the semester.


    Canvas:  All communications about this course will be posted in Canvas. All students are expected to check the site daily and complete any and all assignments as posted for the class, even if the student is absent. This system will be used more intensely and frequently during any remote learning opportunities used by the school or CCS school system.


    Tutoring: By appointment only.



    Classroom Procedures
    Personal cell phone use is not allowed in the classroom.  They need to be placed on silent or turned off prior to the beginning of class.  These items are subject to confiscation as per the CIECHS student handbook.


    1.   Technology use is a privilege.  If it is abused the privilege will be taken from you.  You are encouraged to use technology in and out of class however sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media sites not pertaining to the instructional day are considered an abuse of the technology and are grounds for loss of technology.
    2.   All students will show proper respect to others at all times and will respect varying opinions.
    3.  Profanity of any sort will not be tolerated and will be treated as a disruption to the class. This includes any clothing, jewelry, etc. that is profane in nature.
    4.   Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. If an individual cheats, he/she will receive a zero for the test/project.
    5.   All CIECHS and Cumberland County Schools Rules and procedures apply.

    Academic Integrity
    Academic dishonesty is the giving, taking, or presenting of information or material by a student with the intent of unethically or fraudulently aiding oneself or another on any work which is to be considered in the determination of a grade or the completion of academic requirements. It is expected that all members of the school community will work to actively deter academic misconduct and thus will share in the responsibility and authority to challenge and make known to the appropriate authority acts of apparent academic dishonesty.


     Plagiarism is the act of intentionally or unintentionally presenting someone else’s work or ideas as though that work were your own, and will not be tolerated. Students who chose to engage in plagiarism, of any kind, will receive no credit for the assignment in question and will face additional disciplinary action.  I will report all acts of plagiarism to the administration.


    Plagiarism is a form of cheating that is intolerable in any academic setting. Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s words or ideas as if they were your own. To avoid plagiarism, it is important to give credit to any and all sources used in your work.


    Other examples of academic dishonesty: copying the work of another student; being in possession of the work of another student; taking a photograph of a student’s work with the intention to copy or distribute it; giving information to or receiving information from another student during a test or quiz; and being in possession of unauthorized information during an assessment (including pictures or information delivered electronically).


    Remote (Virtual) Learning Expectations (Just In Case)
    For those times where Remote (Virtual) Learning is applied, students should adhere to the policy and procedures about remote learning that is listed in the CIECHS Handbook.  Students will follow their schedules and log in at the appropriate time.  Each student’s camera must be turned on and the microphone muted, useless you are asked to share in the conversation. Be respectful and responsible. Students should make contact if they need assistance or are having trouble with work submission.  Your grades and participation will count this semester.