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    If you have any interest in sports, you must create a Final Forms account (scroll down for instructions). Please do this at the beginning of the year, even if you don't intend to participate in a sport that starts in the spring.  Due to COVID, all athletic practice and games are constantly changing.

    Please visit the Cumberland County Schools Athletics Department for the most current information, games, and schedules.

    Games begin at 4:00 pm. Any time changes will be communicated to athletes by their coaches.

    Fall Sports: Boy's Football, Girl's Volleyball, Boy's Soccer, and Girl's Track
    Winter Sports: Boy's and Women's Basketball, and Boy's Wrestling
    Spring Sports: Boy's Baseball, Girl's Softball, Girl's Soccer, and Boy's Track

    Some of the Requirements for participation in athletics are as follows:

    1. You must attend Pine Forest Middle School.
    2. You must have been in attendance for 85% of the previous semester – absent no more than 13 days – at an approved school.
    3. You cannot fail more than 1 core course and 2 electives in the previous semester.
    4. You must get a current physical each year, to remain on file at PFMS. New Mandatory Physical Form 
    5. Cannot become 15 years of age before August 31st of the current school year.
    6. You must have a current concussion on file in the athletic office.
    7. Grades 6th-8th.
    8. GPA must have a weighted 2.0 or 77 average for the previous semester (2.0 or 70 average beginning Spring 2016).
    9. for more details, read the Middle School Athletics Handbook
    10. Online Registration at "FinalForms" is mandatory. All documents must be submitted/uploaded to FinalForms (not in person). See detailed instructions below.

    – Game time will be at 4:00 pm.
    – All games count towards Division Title.
    – Admission is $5.00 (may be subject to change). Track matches = $4.00
    – Parents must pick up students promptly after games end.
    – Students who are repeatedly picked up late at school events risk being banned from participating in after-school activities.

FinalForms Instructions

  • Final Forms Instructions (Step-by-step)