Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is a separate volunteer application for non-faculty coaches. If you're interested in coaching, reach out to the AD director at the school you wish to pursue. 

    1. What roles do volunteers perform in our schools?
    Volunteers fill various roles from shelving library books, to assisting in the classroom, or tutoring children. However, according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), volunteers are not permitted to assist with grading papers or inputting grades into the teacher’s grade book.  34 C.F.R. § 99.12(a).

    2. How often do I have to come?
    It depends on the role you fill and your availability. Some roles such as tutoring require a larger time investment, and others may be a one-time event, such as speaking about a specific topic.

    3. When do I come?
    That depends on your schedule and the teacher or classroom schedule. The principal or his designee will match you with a teacher’s request that suits your interests and availability.

    4. What if I take a trip or get sick?
    Teachers are generally flexible and accommodate accordingly. It is important to let teachers know as far in advance as possible if you will not be volunteering on a previously agreed-upon day.

    5. Do I have to be screened?
    Any volunteer positions that require direct access to students (e.g., tutor, mentor, field trip Chaperones) require a criminal background check. Check with the Human Resources Background Specialist at 678-2333 if you have a question regarding screening.

    6. How do I complete a criminal background check?
    You must complete the CCS Volunteer Registration process. Registration may only be submitted online and in its entirety.  The form can be accessed at CCS Volunteer Registration.

    7. Is training required?
    Yes, the district offers online volunteer training that can be accessed from any CCS computer with Internet access. Depending upon your role, teachers and school staff may provide additional on-the-job training (tutoring, media assistant, etc).

    8. What should I do when I enter the school building?
    You should always go to the office or visitor’s desk and sign in before going to any classroom. This helps the school staff know who is in the building. Because each classroom varies, ask your teacher about…

    • directions to the classroom upon entering the building

    • the protocol for entering a classroom while he or she is teaching

    • where to place your belongings

    • which restrooms to use

    9. How should students address me? 
    Please have the students call you by Mr., Mrs. or Ms. and your last name.

    10. How should I dress when volunteering in the schools?
    Comfortable clothes are recommended. The elementary schools have many “hands-on” activities that take place on the floor with lots of creative (and usually messy) materials. T-shirts and jeans are acceptable, but should not have holes or display logos for alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances. Remember the students will be looking at you as role models, so please dress within generally accepted guidelines. Always wear your name tag when in school.

    11. How will I know if the schools are open on days with bad weather?
    Call the district office at 910-678-2300 for updated, recorded information about school closings. You can also check the Alert section at the top of the district home page.

Frequently Asked Questions