Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Choice:

    • I would like to send my child to a Choice program. What do I need to do?
      • Research the programs that we offer. You can find extensive information on the Choice Website ( If you know which school you prefer, consider contacting the school office and ask to visit the school and meet with the principal. We also have printed information in a Choice Guide that is available in the Communications Office at Central Services. Once you have decided on a program and it has been determined that the school can accept applications, you will need to follow the application process.
    • What schools offer a Choice Program?
      • We offer nine programs in elementary schools, six programs in middle schools, and 16 in high schools. You should investigate the program descriptions and locations of different programs to choose the best program to fit your child.
    • What is a Choice Fair?
      • The Choice Fair is an annual event where each school that offers a Choice Program and is accepting applications comes and shares information about their school and their program. Representatives from the schools are there to answer questions and talk one-on-one with parents and students.
    • What is the status of my Choice application? 
      • The application process is handled by our Student Assignment Office. All applications must be mailed to the Student Assignment Office and postmarked no later than the deadline for the designated application period. Questions concerning your application should be directed to the Student Assignment Office at 910-678-2616.

    Cumberland County Board of Education:

    • What board member serves my district?
      • Visit the CCS’ Home page and click on the Board of Education. You will find information about each Board member and the districts he/she serves. If you need further information, contact CCS Central Services at 910-678-2300.
    • How do I get in touch with the Board Chairman?
      • Call the Central Services main office at 910-678-2300 and ask for contact information for the Board members. You can also contact any member by clicking on the “Board of Education” on the CCS Website. There is a direct e-mail link to each member as well as his/her telephone numbers on their page.
    • When are the Board meetings and how do I get an agenda?
      • Our Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Board agendas and minutes are posted on the CCS Website announcing each upcoming meeting. Access to detailed agendas can be found by using the Board Docs link in the Board of Education drop-down menu.

    Find Your School:

    • If I live at a certain address, which school will my child attend?
      • Visit the CCS Home page and use the “Find Your School” link located on the Families stakeholders link. 
    • Where can I find a map that shows the schools by district?
      • Using the “Find Your School” feature, you will see all the schools located in each district.

    Calendar Questions:

    • When is the graduation ceremony for a school? 
      • From the CCS Homepage, using the calendar feature, the upcoming graduation schedule for each school year will be posted on the calendar page. Please make note that dates are subject to change during the school year.


    • How do I find out about employment opportunities?
      • From Careers at the top of the CCS website, use the drop-down link to the CCS Human Resources page to find all current employment opportunities. 
    • Is my application still on file?
      • Our Human Resources Department keeps applications for one year. If you are interested in a specific vacancy, you may want to call the office at 910-678-2629 to request that your application be considered. You can update your application at any time using the Employment Application System feature located in the Careers drop-down menu on the main CCS website.

    Facility Use:

    • I would like to use a school for a community event. How would I do so?
      • We have several schools that are designated as “Community Schools.” This means that our insurance covers the use of a facility for those groups and purposes beyond the normal school setting. There is a contractual agreement for this process. Anyone interested should contact the Office of Auxiliary Services at 910-678-2305 or visit their website Auxiliary Services Homepage for more information.

    Pre-K Programs:

    • What schools have Pre-K programs? How can I get my child enrolled?
      • CCS offers several Pre-K programs. The Federal Programs Department currently supports programs at 34 elementary schools. Our Exceptional Children's Department also offers Pre-K opportunities for children who qualify for their services. Please check their websites for specific information and enrollment procedures or contact the Federal Programs Department at 910-678-2637 or the Exceptional Children’s Department at 910-678-2430.


    • How can I get a copy of my transcript?
      • We have a Central Records Office that keeps all records of CCS graduates. It is located at the Operations Center at 810 Gillespie Street. You can also reach them at 910-678-2501. There is also an option to make records requests online by visiting
    • What are the procedures for inclement weather?
      • In the event of threatening weather, the superintendent will try to make a decision regarding school operations by 5:00 a.m. If there is a change in the normal school day, a call will go out to all homes as soon as the decision is made. In addition, the information will be posted on the CCS website, shared on our multiple social media platforms and given to the local newspaper and various television and radio stations. In the event that weather conditions require an early dismissal of school, notices will be sent to all media outlets. Calls will be sent to all homes via the emergency message system to announce the change in schedule.
    • I am having a problem with my child’s school. How do I handle it?
      • The first step in our procedure is to discuss your concern with the school administration. In the event that your issue is not resolved, and it concerns instruction or discipline, contact our Central Services office at 910-678-2300 to be directed to the appropriate personnel to assist you further. 
      • If your concern is over an area of Operations (safety, transportation, child nutrition, facilities) you should contact the school principal first. If you need further discussion or assistance, contact the Associate Superintendent for Auxiliary Services at 910-678-2305.
    • I would like my child to attend a school other than the one in our attendance area. How would I go about handling this?


    • Where on the CCS website can I find demographics, the NC Report Card, test scores, etc.?
      • Using the About Us drop-down menu, you can find our District Report Card, Mission/Vision/Core Values/Strategic Priorities, as well as other informative statistics about our district.

    General Questions:

    • Where on the CCS website would you find a list of supplies my child will need for the new school year?
      • We do not post that information on the District Website. Different schools have different approaches to instruction; therefore, the supplies needed may vary. You should be able to find a supply list on the school website.  Supply lists can also be found on the Online Back-to-School Guide, posted at the beginning of each school year on our CCS Online Back-to-School Guide. If you have trouble finding what you need, contact your school office.
    • My child is not home yet. How can I find out if there is a bus problem?
      • You should call the school office. An administrator should be on campus and available by phone until the last scheduled stop is made by all buses.