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    The mission statement for CCS Health Services is focused on promoting wellness and addressing health inequities for CCS students. The mission emphasizes several key principles and objectives:

    Wellness Promotion: CCS Health Services aims to enhance the overall well-being of CCS students. This includes not only addressing illness but also proactively promoting good health practices to prevent health issues.


    Management of Health Inequities: The district is committed to identifying and addressing health inequities among students. Health inequities refer to disparities in health outcomes and access to healthcare that are often influenced by factors such as socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity. CCS Health Services is dedicated to reducing these disparities.       


    Interdisciplinary Approach: The mission underscores the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to solving health-related problems. This means that professionals from various fields, such as medicine, psychology, social work, and education, collaborate to provide comprehensive health services.


    Community Partnerships: Collaborating with the broader community is a key component of the mission. By forming partnerships with local organizations, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders, CCS Health Services can better address the health needs of students and create a more holistic approach to healthcare.


    Public Engagement: Involving the public, which in this context likely includes students, their families, and the community, is crucial to ensure that health conditions do not become barriers to school attendance or academic success. This might involve raising awareness, education, and participation in health-related initiatives.


    In summary, the mission of CCS Health Services is to foster the well-being of students, mitigate health inequities, and ensure that health-related concerns do not hinder their academic success. This mission is underpinned by collaboration, community engagement, and a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to healthcare.



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