Safety and Security in CCS

  • The Cumberland County School System (CCS) commits to excellence in providing a safe and healthy workplace. The safety of employees and students must be given priority in every activity. While the district can not share detailed safety plans publicly, each school and building site has security measures and procedures in place. The plans are routinely reviewed and practiced under the guidance of our Safety and Security department to ensure effectiveness in the event of an actual crisis. 

    In addition to these plans, there are various safety measures in place for a safe and positive learning environment.  Some measures include:

    • The presence of law enforcement officers who work as School Resources Officers (SROs) to support safety efforts and partner with school administrators, students, families and staff;
    • A buzzer entry system for visitors and card key access for staff members;
    • School visitor sign-in procedures that require, as a condition of entry, guests to scan an ID and wear a visitor’s badge;
    • Use of the district’s ParentLink system, to call, email and text families during an emergency to provide the most current information;
    • Pre-drafted messaging to avoid confusion and ensure consistency of information given in a timely and professional manner;
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    While our safety measures enhance our ability to provide a safe learning environment for students, human relationships also play a critical role. Students must feel comfortable talking with counselors, teachers and other trusted adults to report a concern when they become aware of a potential safety issue related to their school.

    While no school wants to have to employ the emergency plans it has in place, these measures are vital in preparing students, staff and law enforcement agencies to respond to crises effectively. CCS appreciates your partnership in talking about school safety with your family following the safety procedures in place at our schools.

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