North Carolina Youth Risk Behavior Survey (NC YRBS)

  • 2021 Survey Administration

    Cumberland County Schools (CCS) is taking part in the 2021 Youth Risk Behavior Survey. This survey is sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The survey will ask about the health behaviors of 6th through 12th-grade students. The survey will ask about nutrition, physical activity, injuries, and tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use. It will also ask about abstinence, AIDS, and STD education. 

    Middle and high school students will be asked to fill out a survey that takes about 35 minutes to complete. Doing this online survey will cause little or no risk to your child. The only potential risk is that some students might find certain questions to be sensitive. The survey has been designed to protect your child’s privacy. Students will not put their names on the survey. Also, no school or student will ever be mentioned by name in a report of the results. Your child will get no benefit right away from taking part in the survey. 

    The results of this survey will help your child and other children in the future. We would like all selected students to take part in the survey, but the survey is voluntary. No action will be taken against the school, you, or your child if your child does not take the survey. Students may skip any questions they do not wish to answer. In addition, students may stop taking the survey at any point without penalty. 

    If you would like to see the sample surveys for middle and high school students, please click on one of the links below:


    Parents are asked to complete the permission form provided by their child’s school and return it to the school no later than November 19, 2021. To access the permission forms, click on one of the links below:


    If you have additional questions about the survey your child’s teacher or principal cannot answer, please email Les Spell, Data and Policy Consultant at the Department of Public Instruction at Thank you.