ACMS 2022-2023 School Dress Code

  • This policy will be in effect for the 2022-2023 school year and will be updated to align with CCS Board Policy as needed.

    CCS has put a pause on the current uniform policy as of July 13, 2022. Students are still encouraged to wear the ACMS uniform. However, wearing the ACMS uniform is not required. If the students would like to show their Hornet Pride, we are selling our ACMS sweatshirts.


    Policy Code: 4316 Student Dress Code

    The board believes that the dress and personal appearance of students greatly affect their academic performance and their interaction with other students.  The board requests that parents outfit their children in clothing that will be conducive to learning.  Generally, dress and grooming standards as determined by the student and his or her parents will be deemed acceptable.  However, the board prohibits appearance or clothing that does the following:

    • violates a reasonable dress code adopted and publicized by  an individual school, violates the dress code provisions of the Student Code of Conduct or any applicable administrative regulation, or violates a uniform dress code approved by the board;
    • is substantially disruptive;
    • is provocative or obscene;
    • endangers the health or safety of the student or others; or
    • promotes products or activities that are illegal for use by minors.

    Parents are reminded that student behavior improves as dress improves and students are also being prepared for life after middle school. Therefore, upon entering the building, students are to follow the dress code below: 


    General Dress Code Guidelines:


    • Tops of any kind are NOT permitted to be ripped, unless they have another layer of clothing underneath (not to include undergarments) to cover the exposed skin.
    • Hoodies are permitted, but students will NOT wear the hood up on their head during the school day. Continued requests to remove the hoodie off of the head may result in the student giving the hoodie up or being placed in RJC.
    • Dresses, shirts, and blouses must cover three inches (3”) across the top of the shoulder. 
    • Spaghetti straps, strapless tops/halters, and plunging necklines are NOT allowed and the torso, midriff, back and cleavage MUST be covered at all times. 
    • Tops worn with leggings must be fingertip length all the way around. 
    • No “Spaghetti Straps”, halter/tube tops, or off-the-shoulder tops are to be worn whatsoever. 


    • Shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses must be no higher than three inches (3”) above the top of the knee, and any slits in dresses and skirts must also adhere to this three-inch rule. 
    • No sagging pants or any bottoms that expose the buttocks, undergarments, or any other private body part.
    • Leggings, yoga, or spandex pants by any name, are NOT permitted EXCEPT to be worn under jeans with holes, and paired with dresses, skirts, skorts, and shorts. 
    • Ripped Jeans/slacks are allowed, but any rips above the knee MUST be covered up beneath the jeans by another clothing layer in addition to the wearer's undergarment (shorts, legging, spandex, ect) to cover the exposed skin. 
    • Joggers are permitted, but must adhere to the same rules as jeans/slacks if they have rips.


    • Proper footwear is required at all times which is safe and does not result in a substantial disruption to the academic integrity of the school day. Shoes that have laces must fit, be laced, and tied. 
    • Crocs can be worn, however, they CANNOT be worn in PE classes.
    • Slides, flip-flops, pajamas, and bedroom shoes/slippers are NOT permitted.

    Head Coverings:

    • Head coverings (including hats, hoods, sweat bands, and bandanas) are generally prohibited in school buildings. 
    • However, students may wear head coverings in the school building as an expression of sincerely held religious belief (e.g., hijabs or yarmulkes) or cultural expression (e.g., geles) or to reasonably accommodate medical or disability-related issues (e.g.,protective helmets).

    Locker Items:

    • All Jackets/coats, book bags, phones, and any electronic devices must be secured in the student’s lockers upon arrival. 
    • Book bags can be any color. All book bags will be secured in the student locker upon arrival and remain until dismissal.


    General Rules:

    • Clothing should not cause a disruption of the educational environment.
    • Clothing is not to be sheer or see-through where the torso is revealed. 
    • Any symbols, styles or attire frequently associated with gangs, intimidation or violence which is disruptive to the educational environment are prohibited.
    • Students may not wear or carry clothing, jewelry, book bags, or other personal articles that depict or display profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, nudity of any degree, violence, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, controlled substances, firearms, or any illegal activity, or which advertise products or services illegal to minors.
    • Heavy, large jewelry, belt buckles, and/or accessories (wallet chains) that are threatening, dangerous, distractive, and disruptive or could be utilized as a weapon may not be worn.
    • No excessively tight clothing for males and females. 
    • No towels, shirts, or bandanas around neck. 
    • See-through clothing, pajama clothing, and/or bedroom/house shoes are not permitted. 
    • Students may bring a personal water bottle to use during the day.


    ACMS Physical Education (P.E.) Uniforms


    • T-shirts must not be see-through
    • No tank tops or spaghetti straps
    • Shirts must cover the stomach/midriff


    • Shorts- must be at or near the knee
    • Warm-up/ athletic pants may be worn
    • No tights or leggings allowed


    Footwear:  Athletic shoes must be worn and properly laced. NO Crocs.


    Socks: Must be worn at all time during PE class.


    Dress Code Violations: Final judgment is left to school administration. Parents of students who are in violation of the dress code will be called to provide appropriate clothes. Students will be held in RJC until appropriate clothes are provided.