Graduation 2021

  • Below is the Live Stream Link for the graduation ceremony:
    Commencement Photography:
    Check out the Commencements Flyer and/or the website for more information.

    Graduation Practice: is in the Gym:   

    May 18th @ 10:15 am for alphabet A-Kolb
    May 20th @ 10:15 am for alphabet Kong -Zou
    At the graduation practices, we will have tables set up for seniors to return their laptops/charging cables, hotspots, etc.  The attached Senior Checklist will indicate everything all seniors (virtual and in-person) need to have signed before they are eligible to walk and receive a diploma/transcript.  All seniors will receive this checklist at their next Senior class meeting with Mr. Hatch (Tuesday, May 4th at 10:15 am).  Seniors may begin getting signatures as soon as possible - but this form must be completed at their graduation practice.  Students will not wear/bring graduation regalia to practice. 

    Graduation: May 26th

    (Abendanio - Kolb) 8:00 a.m.  (graduates need to be at the Crown by 7:00 a.m.)
    (Kong - Zou) 12:10 p.m (graduates need to be at the Crown by 11:00 a.m.)
    2021 Senior Graduation Check List

    Graduation is Wednesday, May 26th at the Crown.  There will be TWO graduation events - one beginning at 8 am for alphabets A-Kolb and the second at 12:10 pm for Kong-Zou.

    Graduates will only receive 4 tickets for graduation.  These tickets will have assigned seats/rows for each and every senior.  When they arrive at Grad practice - they must have the complete names and contact phone numbers for everyone getting one of those tickets - this includes infants.  No one is allowed in without a ticket/contact info, etc. 

    Suggested Practices for Graduation for Graduates

    Parents & Guest
    Suggested Practices for Graduation for Families