How to Soar

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     General Guidelines On How To  SOAR!

    In the Classroom:

    • Safe: Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    • Organized: Come on time, prepared, and ready to work.
    • Achieve: Work well with other students. Actively participate in class.
    • Respectful: Watch your tone. Do not raise your voice.

    In the Cafeteria:

    • Safe: Walk! Form single-file lines.
    • Organized: Throw away all trash. Do not throw food.
    • Achieve: Get food quickly. Get back to class on time.
    • Respectful: Listen for directions. Use table manners.

    In the Media Center:

    • Safe: Check out books with the Librarian. Be considerate of the property of others.
    • Organized: Leave the library clean. Return items to their original places.
    • Achieve: Stay quiet and on task.
    • Respectful: Follow the Media Center rules.

    In the Restroom:

    • Safe: Use a bathroom pass. Return to class quickly.
    • Organized: Clean up trash and water spills. Use quiet voices.
    • Achieve: Use restrooms during class changes or lunch.
    • Respectful: Dispose of trash in the trash can.

    In the Hallway:

    • Safe: Walk to class quickly. Wear clothing that follows the dress code.
    • Organized: Walk on the right side of the hallway. Stay on the designated hall.
    • Achieve: Always “walk and talk” to be on time.
    • Respectful: Keep your hands to yourself. Use appropriate language.

    In the Parking Lot:

    • Safe: Follow speed limit. Wear your seat belt.
    • Organized: Park in designated areas. Keep all areas clean.
    • Achieve: Always have your parking decal displayed on the windshield.
    • Respectful: Respect others’ property.

    On the Bus:

    • Safe: Stay seated at all times. Follow all procedures for a safe ride.
    • Organized: Keep your bus clean. Board the bus in an orderly manner.
    • Achieve: Arrive 10 minutes before pick-up. Set a positive image.
    • Respectful: Respect the rules, drivers, and passengers. Use appropriate language.

    PBIS Criterion:

    1. Teachers issue tickets to students when they observe them in good behavior.
    2. Students have to turn in their SOAR ticket(s) to the PBIS box in the Front Office during their lunch.
    3. Every Friday, tickets are pulled out of the box and the PBIS winners of the week are announced.
    4. The winners go to the Office Manager’s office during their lunch to pickup their prize.