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    January 15, 2021

    Umbrella with Rain Falling Kindergarten

    We had a great first nine weeks!Kindergarten Kiddos are making great progress and are enjoying school!

    ELA: In the third quarter, we will focus on identifying main topic and key details of a text. Our theme is America Then and Now, and we begin with symbols of America.

    Math: We will count to 100, begin addition and explore decomposing.

    Science & Social Studies: We will study the weather and explore physical features in the world.


    Math Worksheet and Unfix Cubes First Grade

    Happy New Year from First Grade!

    ELA: We will explain differences between books that tell stories and bookds that give information. We will identify words that suggest feelings or appeal to the senses.

    Math: We will use models or drawings to add and subtract within 100.

    Science: We will summarize the physical properties of Earth materials including rocks, minerals, soil, and water.

    Social Studies: We will explore change over time in neighborhoods.

    A Crayon Lying Beside a Ruler Second Grade

    ELA: We will use the following books to practice our reading skills: Akiak, Alexander Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday, Martin's Big Words, Each Kindness, Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch, Looking at Lincoln, Henry's Freedom Box, and Library Lion.

    Math: We will read, write, add, and subtract numbers to 1000. We will compare, add, and subtract 3 digit numbers. We will use measuring tools to estimate length and compare objects.

    Science: We will study weather pattersn and the animal life cycle.

    Social Studies: We will learn about contributions of historical figures in the community, state, nation, and world. We will also interpret maps.

    Aerial View of Ellis Island Third Grade

    ELA: We will learn about immigration with a focus on Ellis Island and Angel Island. We have started our middle of year assessments and we appreciate the help from parents and caregivers. Please remember it is imperative that your children complete these Independently! 

    Math: We will begin the third quarter with geometry.

    Science: We will focus on Space and the Solar System.

    Social Studies: We will study change over time.

    The Sun Shinning Light on the Earth Fourth Grade

    We enjoyed a great second quarter of learning!

    ELA: We will revisit identifying theme and comparing author's point of view in a story.

    Math: We have jumped into fractions and are comparing and identifying equivalent fractions. We will begin working with 10ths and 100ths and mixed numbers.

    Science: We will study why day and night occur and will identify phases of the moon.

    Social Studies: We will study colonial settlements in North Carolina.

    Storm Cloud and Lightning at Night  Fifth Grade

    Exciting things are happening in fifth grade.

    ELA: Most classes have started their study of literature associated with WWII. Please contact individual ELA teachers for upcomin novel studies.

    Math: We will continue to work with fractions.

    Science: We will begin to study the weather.

    There are some important upcoming events, so please be on the lookout for dates and specfics. We have awards, materials distribtution, and Transcend testing.

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