Enrollment Requirements

  • Registration information requested when enrolling students:

    Registration information requested when enrolling students:

    • Certified birth certificate
    • Record of immunizations
    • Last report card, withdrawal documentation, or transcript from previous school
    • Proof of residency in the attendance area of enrolling school. Please bring all three of the following:
    • Deed (if you own your home) or lease (if your are renting). If you are renting, please include the phone number of your rental company or landlord.
    • Current utility (gas, electric, water) bill, not phone or cable.
    • Valid NC Driver’s License with current address.
    If you are living with a friend or family member, they must accompany you to your appointment with their lease or deed and a notarized statement indicating that you and your child(ren) are living with them.  Please provide some proof that you have vacated your previous residence (shut off notice from your utility company).
    Custody Agreement (if applicable). The Cumberland County School System does not recognize Powers of Attorney or notarized statements for school enrollment. Custody agreements must be court ordered and signed by a judge.


    Any and all medication must be signed in by a parent and include a medication form completed by the child’s physician.