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      The School of Global Studies at Terry Sanford High School is a choice program designed for success in college and in the 21st century with a curriculum that is interdisciplinary, interconnected, and focused on global relationships – allowing all students to gain a heightened awareness of current issues facing our international community while developing a global perspective and foundation of knowledge in which to better understand our world today and have a positive effect tomorrow.

    • Andrea Allen, Director:
      The School of Global Studies consists of three major components: Academic Excellence, Global Awareness, and Cultural Activities.

      Academic, Behavioral, and Attendance Excellence

      • Students will maintain an overall B average, with no grade lower than a C.

      • Students will be enrolled in Honors or AP-level courses where available.

      • Students will conduct themselves with a high standard of behavior.

      • Students will attend school with a minimum number of absences.

    • Global Awareness / Community Volunteerism

      • Students will learn about our world through participation in cultural and academic activities and involvement in our Global Symposiums at FTS.

      • Students will show responsibility to their community by participating in worthwhile volunteer activities.

    • Social and Cultural Activities

      • Students will incorporate proper social skills into their conduct in order to be prepared for the competitive world of college admissions and for the professional life that follows.

      • Students will take part in opportunities that broaden their experiences with music, art, and theatre.

    • Participation in the School of Global Studies requires students to complete 20-50 hours of volunteer service yearly through the organized volunteer program at Terry Sanford High School.