• Safety Patrol

    Coordinator: Danielle Bell

    Description: Safety patrol students monitor the hallways each morning to ensure that students are walking in a quiet and orderly manner.

    Meeting Time & Location: During school hours; report to duty station at 7:15am.

    Member Qualifications: Any student in grade 5 who is responsible and in good academic standing.  A student must exhibit good behavior choices to be recommended by his or her homeroom teacher.

    *Questions?  Contact Danielle Bell at

  • Eagles’ Nest News Team 

    Coordinator: TBD

    Description: Students are responsible for presenting school news, weather and the cafeteria menu to school staff and students daily.  Students also lead the school in the saying the Pledge of Allegiance and the S.O.A.R. Pledge.

    Meeting Time & Location: TBA

    Member Qualifications: Fourth and fifth grade students in good standing academically and in citizenship are encouraged to apply for a broadcast position. Students are selected based on their interest, teacher references, and the ability to clearly and fluently read the announcements using a loud speaking voice. Students will be assigned broadcast duties based on interest and ability to follow directions when handling equipment.

    *Questions?  Contact TBD at

  • Science Olympiad

    Coordinator: TBD

    Description: Students work collaboratively to solve problems using scientific methods.  Students also compete in the county competition held each school year.

    Meeting Time & Location: TBA in the Brentwood Media Center.

    Member Qualifications: Any student in grades 4-5 that has a passion for science.  Students must exhibit good behavior choices during the school day and be in good academic standing.

    *Questions?  Contact TBD  at

  • Battle of the Books

    Coordinator: Melissa Campbell

    Description: Battle of the Books is a fun reading program that encourages students to work together and read a wide range of genres and authors.

    Meeting Time & Location: TBA

    Member Qualifications: Fourth and fifth grade students who love to read and can remain committed to the team as we prepare for the next Battle of the Books competition.


    2024-2025 Battle of the Books List


    *Questions?  Contact Melissa Campbell at