BHES Parent/Student Handbook

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    2022 - 2023

    Bill Hefner Elementary School 

    Parent and Student Handbook


    Dr. Donald T. Cahill, Principal

    Jessica Cashwell, Assistant Principal





    Bill Hefner Elementary School Mission Statement 


    Our Mission is to provide a safe and caring environment where all Hefner Heroes are encouraged to show continuous improvement and challenged to become life-long learners.







    Our campus opens for students at 8:00 a.m. each morning. Supervision is not available for students on campus before 8:00 a.m. or after 3:30 p.m. Students on the bus are the exception. Bill Hefner Elementary School and/or the Cumberland County Schools will not be held liable for any harm that may befall a student who arrives at school prior to 8:00 a.m. or is not picked up from school by 3:30 p.m. 


    To ensure the safety of our students, we will continue our policy of parents/guardians dropping students off in the car rider line. Parents/Guardians will not be allowed to walk students to the entrance of the building. 


    Students will eat breakfast in the classroom. Students are to report directly to the classroom upon arrival at school after getting breakfast from the “grab and go” kiosk.


    At the beginning of the school year, please discuss with your child’s teacher how you expect your child to get home. If there is a change in your standard routine, please send a signed note to your child’s teacher. If the teacher does not receive a signed note, the child will be sent home his/her regular way. These arrangements must be planned ahead of time, and students will not be permitted to use the phone to find out how they are supposed to get home from school. Due to the safety of our children, we will not accept phone calls from parents/guardians asking for a change in transportation. Changes in transportation must be in writing and received before noon of that day. Please make these arrangements prior to your child leaving for school each morning. Cumberland County Schools operate a Prime Time program at Bill Hefner Elementary for students who need after-school care.




    A record of immunizations is required, by law, within 30 days of enrollment for all students. Failure to provide a complete and current (as per North Carolina law) immunization record within that time will result in the dismissal of the student from school until such time as the immunizations are complete, or a schedule for the completion of the required immunizations, authorized by a physician, is presented to the school office.




    Children are required to attend school 185 days or 1025 hours a year. By law, parents are required to provide within (3) school days a written explanation for each absence. Notes not received within (3) days will cause an absence to be considered as unexcused or unlawful. Notes from parents are to contain: (a) date written, (b) date of absence, (c) reason for absence, (d) home or work phone number, and (e) parent signature. The only legally excused absences are for the requirement of a child to be in court, religious 3 observations and health reasons, such as illness, doctor appointments, and death of immediate family members. Other extreme emergencies and special circumstances may be excusable at the principal’s discretion. Phone calls to notify the school of your child’s absence are appreciated; however, they do not replace the requirement of a written excuse upon returning to school. All absences require make-up work.


    Students are expected to be on time for school daily. Students arriving after the tardy bell rings at 8:30 a.m. will come to the front office for a late pass. Parents must accompany the student to the front doors to sign them in. Students are sent to class with an excused tardy slip (Doctor or medical appointments) or an unexcused tardy slip (overslept, running late, or car trouble). Tardies will be monitored by the school social worker and administration. Late arrival into the class disrupts the classroom procedure and instruction. Encourage your child to Be on Time, Stay on Target, and Finish on Top. EVERY MINUTE counts! Excessive absences/tardies may have a tremendous impact on your child’s education. Our school social worker will work with the principal or assistant principal on individual cases.




    In order to be counted as “present” for the school day, a student must be present at least until 11:30 a.m. Students who are checked out of school before that time will be counted as absent. Students arriving after that time will be welcome to stay in class, but will not be counted as present for the school day.

    The following are considered reasons for lawful or excused absence:

    • Illness or Injury

    • Quarantine

    • Death in the IMMEDIATE FAMILY

    • Medical or Dental Appointments (with note from doctor/dentist)

    • Court/Administrative Proceedings

    • Religious Observances

    • Educational Opportunities

    • Deployment Activity

    **Students who are absent must present a written note on the day that they return to school with a reason for the absence.


    Student report cards will indicate attendance records. Parents will be notified by letter when three unexcused absences are recorded. Parents will be contacted by our social worker after six unexcused absences are recorded.

    Ten (10) unexcused absences in one school year could result in prosecution of the parent under the state’s truancy law. Before an absence or tardy will be excused, we must have a SIGNED STATEMENT by the PARENT/GUARDIAN stating the date and reason of the absence. This excuse must be brought to the office on the day that the student returns to school. Students with absences will be allowed to make up work. Time and assignments for make-up work are at the discretion of the regular classroom teacher. Notify the teacher ahead of time, when possible, of absences.




    Please make sure your child arrives at school on time each day, and remains for the entire school day. Bill Hefner students must be in school by 8:30 a.m. each day.

    1. If your child walks to school or is a parent or daycare pick-up/drop-off student, please arrive no later than 8:25 a.m.

    2. Students who arrive after 8:30 a.m. must be signed in by a parent or guardian in the office.

    3. Students should not arrive at school before 8:00 a.m. Supervision of students is not available until 8:00 a.m.


    Students arriving at school after the 8:30 a.m. bell are to report to the office. The general policy of these tardies is that they are unexcused. The repeated occurrence of tardies will be reported to the school social worker and principal. If your child has more than 3 tardies in a 9-week period, he/she will not be recognized for having perfect attendance.



    If a student needs to be checked out early, it must be done in the MAIN OFFICE by either the parent/guardian or by an adult that is listed on the student’s check-out card. Each person should be prepared to show proper photo ID. The student will be called from the classroom on the intercom. In order to protect the instructional time and important announcements at the end of the day, there will be NO check-outs after 2:30 p.m. Thank you for your cooperation. If a student has any check-outs in a 9-week period, he/she will not be recognized for having Perfect Attendance.

    **Occasionally students have valid reasons for being tardy and picked up early. However, being frequently late or leaving early on a regular basis could affect your child’s academic success. Frequent interruptions to classrooms for early dismissals and late arrivals are disruptive to lessons. In the event of early dismissals, parents must first sign students out in the Main Office. We will call for your child.




    Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. Students, at all times while riding a bus will observe the directives of the school bus driver and all other rules outlined in the code of conduct. Students who misbehave on the school bus may be suspended from riding the bus for an indefinite period of time.


    Students are subject to suspension for the following infractions:

    • Changing seats, standing or sitting improperly

    • Fighting, using profanity, or refusing to obey the driver or school official

    • Refusing to meet the bus at a designated stop

    • Playing, throwing items, or distracting the driver while the bus is in motion

    • Any other infraction that may jeopardize the safety of all concerned.









    Students will respect the Bus Driver at ALL TIMES while riding the bus.








    1. If crossing the street, look both ways.

    2. Form a single line without pushing.

    3. Enter and exit by the front door only.

    4. Walk far enough in front of the bus so that the driver can see you and you can see the driver.

    5. Walk, do not run.

    6. Help smaller children cross the street.

    7. Never stop in front of the bus. If you drop something, get the driver’s attention before you try to pick it up.

    8. Use the handrail and step one at a time.

    9. Go directly to your seat.

    10. Don’t make stops once off the bus. If you don’t have to cross the street, walk immediately away from the bus.


    Bus schedules are often adjusted as our school populations grow. We will inform parents in writing of major changes in routes and time alterations. Students are assigned to a bus based upon their residential address and will not be allowed to ride on another bus. Questions and/or concerns about bus routes, late pick-up or drop off should be directed to Jessica Cashwell, Assistant Principal, at 910-860-7058.

    If at any time your child is not going to follow standard bus dismissal procedures, please send a note to the teacher.

    1. If you or a designated adult will be picking up your child, come directly to the office to sign your child out. A member of the office staff will send it to your child.

    2. Students must ride the bus that they are assigned to based upon their enrollment address.

    ***Please do not call the office regarding any changes in your child’s routine. We cannot verify who you are over the phone, so, for safety reasons, we do not make bus changes over the phone.




    Parent pick up students will be assigned a number. Parents will receive a card with the student number to display in their window during pick up.

    Please enter one of the two parent pick-up lines and do not park.

    Students will walk to the car line to get into the vehicle when you pull up.

    Parents do not need to park and get out of their vehicles.



    Progress Report and Report Card Schedule 2022-2023




    • K-2 Grading Scale

    • IV Above Grade Level
      III On Grade Level
      II Below Grade Level
      I Well Below Grade Level
      S Satisfactory
      N Needs Improvement
      U Unsatisfactory

      3-5 Grading Scale

    • A 90-100
      B 80-89
      C 70-79
      D 60-69
      F 0-59
      S Satisfactory
      N Needs Improvement
      U Unsatisfactory





    Promotions should be based on the progress and performance of individual students. Promotion standards are rigorous to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to be successful in the next grade. Students who do not meet standards are identified and provided intensive, instructional support. In accordance with General Statute 115C-288(a), and local board policy, the school principal has the ultimate responsibility for promotion/retention decisions.



    Cumberland County Schools (CCS) Child Nutrition Services is excited to announce The Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) is being offered at Bill Hefner Elementary School. Thirty-nine Cumberland County Schools are participating in the program for the 2020-2021 school year. The provision enables each student enrolled in the participating schools to receive a breakfast and lunch at no charge on days when school is in session. Students enrolled at participating CEP schools are not required to submit a lunch application to receive meals at no charge.


    BREAKFAST IS SERVED FROM 8:00 A.M. UNTIL 8:30 A.M. (Students arriving after 8:30 a.m. WILL NOT BE SERVED breakfast).


    Students are not permitted to bring in outside food, drinks or snacks to be eaten outside of the lunch period. If extra food is brought into the school it must be in a lunch box which is kept in their book bag or container until lunch time. Gum is absolutely not allowed on the buses or in school. Soft drinks are not permitted (except for classroom/special functions) unless a student has a specific problem requiring such beverages. In such cases, a doctor’s note is required. Students are expected to remain orderly in the cafeteria. The cafeteria is a part of our learning environment. Running in the cafeteria is unacceptable and will not be allowed. Students are to enter the cafeteria by walking in line with their class. After going through the serving line students will sit at designated tables with their class, and remain there until excused by the teacher or monitor. Students may bring their lunch from home or eat from the menu in the cafeteria, but students will not be allowed to leave school to go home for lunch.





    Students are allowed to use the classroom phone in emergency situations only. Teachers and office staff will use their judgment in determining if calls are necessary. Students will not be called out of class to speak to anyone on the telephone nor will calls for students be transferred to the classrooms. For security reasons, the office WILL NOT take messages for students. Students are  permitted to carry personal cell phones on campus during the school day but should be kept off. Students will be given a warning the first time that their phone is out and asked to put it away. The second time that the student’s phone is out will require a parent to pick the phone up from the school.



    If possible, please administer medication at home. In the event that medication (prescription) must be dispensed during the school day, a form completed by a physician must be on file at the school. The form must give explicit directions for dosages and times, and must match the label on the medication itself. The form must be signed by the parent or guardian and the physician to authorize giving the medication at school. Medication must be properly labeled and in the original container from the pharmacist identifying: the child’s name, medication name, dosage prescribed, and time to be given. Parents are required to sign the medication into the office. Students may not transport any medication to school (to include cough drops, ointments, over the counter medicines). Students with severe asthma, with a doctor’s note, are permitted to carry their inhaler. This must be approved and verified through the school nurse or medication clerk.




    Please do not send sick children to school.  We do not have personnel or facilities to care for sick children. The nurse is at Hefner Elementary one day each week. If a student has a fever that exceeds 100 degrees, parents will be called. Accurate home and work phone numbers on the verification of address are essential. Two or three names and numbers of reliable emergency contacts (with transportation) will be necessary in the event that we cannot reach parents. Parents/guardians will also be contacted if students are vomiting, have suspected head injuries or broken bones. The principal is authorized to contact emergency personnel to transport students to the hospital for emergency treatment.




    Student dress contributes to the school atmosphere. A clean, neat, appropriately dressed student advertises the fact that he/she respects himself/herself in a way designed to win respect from others. Students are earnestly advised to dress with good taste and in so, they will be contributing to the general pride of the school. Parents are asked to use good judgment as they allow their children to dress for school. The following is a dress code that we feel will maintain an atmosphere of comfort and learning.

    1. Students must wear skirts and shorts that are no more than 4 inches above the top of the knee.

    2. Students must not wear clothing depicting intoxicating beverages, controlled substances, tobacco products, weapons, or suggestive of violence or obscenities. Clothing which causes disruption en-route to or at school is not permitted.

    3. Students must wear jeans, pants, or slacks that fit at the waistline.

    4. Students are not allowed to wear biker shorts or flip-flops.

    5. Shirts that expose any of the midriff (stomach, chest, or ribs) are not acceptable.

    6. Straps on shirts/tank tops must be 2 inches or wider.

    7. Attire will be neat, clean, in good repair, and not revealing.

    8. Headgear may not be worn in the building and must be kept inside the book bag. This includes hats, kerchiefs, scarves, bandanas, etc.

    9. Sneakers with wheels are not allowed at any time.

    10. For the safety of students, please no open-toed shoes.




    Students will participate in state and local accountability testing as required. Students in K-3 will participate in the Reading 3D Diagnostic assessment three times during the school year to measure progress in reading fluency and comprehension.


    North Carolina End-of-Grade tests are given in reading, math (3rd-5th grade) and Science (5th grade only). EOG results are sent home in the student’s report cards in June.

    Third Grade students that do not pass the reading EOG will follow Read to Achieve requirements which may include taking the Read to Achieve assessment at the end of the school year.



    The North Carolina Standard Course of Study guides the instruction in each regular classroom. The Common Core state standards are used in English/Language Arts and Math, while the Essential Standards are used in all other subject areas. Textbooks are a resource used by the classroom teacher to aid in teaching the curriculum. Textbooks may not be used in all classes. Teachers will provide supplemental resources to support student practice at home.



    We value your involvement and participation in our school, but please understand the procedures and policies are in place to protect all children, staff, and you, our visitors. We ask for your cooperation and understanding as we enforce and insist on your adherence to the following procedures:

    • All visitors to the school must use the intercom system to gain entry into the building. Please be prepared to state your name and purpose of your visit.

    • All visitors/volunteers must present photo identification and sign in at the reception area.

    • All visitors are expected to display a current Visitor’s Badge while in the building.

    • If you wish to speak with your child’s teacher we ask that you schedule an appointment during their planning time or after school.

    • Lunch visitors must be listed on the student’s check in/check out card in the front office as a parent/guardian or authorized person to check out the student.

    • Lunch visitors must wait in the alcove after signing in, until their child comes there to eat lunch with them. After the lunch period has ended we ask that you promptly sign-out in the office.

    • All volunteers must sign-in using the Volunteer Log and receive a Volunteer Badge to wear in the building.



    Parents and community supporters play a vital role at Bill Hefner Elementary School through volunteering. Whether working individually with a student or assisting with classroom tasks, thousands of volunteer hours are needed to maximize the learning opportunities of children.  If you can and will volunteer, please share a little of your time. Contact the school and ask to speak to our parent facilitator at 860-7058. Any persons volunteering more than two hours in an academic year must complete a criminal background check. You may access the form at:




    Maintaining a safe, orderly environment for our students is an important part of providing a quality education. In order to guarantee our students at Bill Hefner the excellent learning climate they deserve, we are utilizing the following Discipline Plan:



    In the past, school-wide discipline has focused mainly on reacting to specific student misbehavior by implementing punishment-based strategies including reprimands, loss of privileges, office referrals, suspensions, and expulsions. Research has shown that the implementation of punishment, especially when it is used inconsistently and in the absence of other positive strategies, is ineffective. Introducing, modeling, and reinforcing positive social behavior is an important part of a student’s educational experience. Teaching behavioral expectations and rewarding students for following them is a much more positive approach than waiting for misbehavior to occur before responding. The purpose of school-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm.


    Bill Hefner Elementary School Behavior Expectations

    B – Be Responsible

    H – Be Helpful

    E – Engaged

    S – Safe


    If a Student Obeys All the Rules he/she will earn a reward in the form of a PBIS ticket that will lead to a reward based on the total number of tickets.

    Disciplinary measures or responses may include, but are not limited to, the following:


    • Parental involvement, such as conferences;

    • Time-out for short periods of time;

    • Behavior improvement agreements;

    • Instruction in conflict resolution and anger management;

    • Peer mediation;

    • Individual or small group sessions with the school counselor;

    • Academic intervention;

    • Out of school suspension;

    • Suspension from bus privileges.


    Any severe disruption or violation of rules in the Cumberland County Student Code of Conduct will result in an administrative referral and could result in out of school suspensions. 






    Each student will receive a copy of the Cumberland County School’s Code of Conduct. Each student is expected to adhere to the rules and expectations of Bill Hefner Elementary School. Each staff member is responsible for enforcing the rules and communicating the school’s expectations to maintain the safety and security in the learning environment.

    1. Weapons or objects reasonably classified as weapons (pocket knives, razors, guns, blunt objects, blades, etc.) are not permitted.

    2. Students must remain in their assigned area unless properly checked out through the office.

    3. Eating in areas on campus other than the cafeteria is not permitted unless administrative approval is given. Gum is not permitted in school.

    4. Students are to walk in school (including loading and unloading buses).

    5. Students are to keep their hands, feet and other body parts and functions to themselves. Fighting, hitting, kicking, spitting, pushing, inappropriate touching and any other violation of the Cumberland county Code of Conduct will not be tolerated. Violators of the code of conduct will be subject to discipline, suspensions, and/or expulsions.

    6. Students are not to bring toys, fidget spinners, radios, games, trading cards, or any other visual, sound or electrical equipment/object to school unless administrative approval has been given. The school is not responsible for objects lost, broken or destroyed. Aforementioned items will be held until parent conference.

    7. Students may use the telephone in emergency situations only.

    8. Bus riding is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate bus behavior will not be tolerated.

    9. Student loitering on campus is not permitted. Students on campus before school, after school and on non-school days must have school personnel permission.

    10. Smoking is not permitted on campus.

    11. Student check-in and check-out must occur through the office. All visitors must report to the office. Students may not have unauthorized guests on campus.

    12. Destruction or defacing of school property will not be tolerated. Every effort should be made to keep the school and property clean and properly maintained.

    13. The principal reserves the right to set whatever rules and standards deemed necessary for the operation of an effective school.

    Students shall be subject to discipline, suspensions, and expulsion for violating rules/regulations set forth in our school rules and also those guidelines outlined in the Cumberland County School’s Code of Conduct.








    Teachers may plan field trips during the school year to provide enrichment to the State Curriculum taught in the classroom. Field trips are considered a privilege for students. Teachers assume a great deal of responsibility for student safety on these trips. Therefore, students whose conduct may be detrimental to the safety, comfort and welfare of other students or teachers may be omitted from the trip. The decision is left to the classroom teacher and principal, who will inform the student and parent of the decision prior to the trip. Written parental permission must be obtained before students may attend such field trips. Field trips requiring a fee are non-refundable.




    Classroom parties are allowed during the year. A winter holiday celebration and an end of school celebration are permitted. There are no birthday parties or deliveries of balloons, flowers, etc. for children at school. Parents who wish to share cupcakes or cookies with their child’s class, may do so during their student’s lunch period in the cafeteria. However, all treats brought to school to be shared must be store bought. No home-made goodies are allowed. Invitations to parties held outside of school may be distributed to the entire class only.




    The lost-and-found box is located in the front office. Please check for lost items regularly. Labeling your child’s clothing, lunchbox, and other belongings can help prevent items from being lost and unidentified. Unclaimed items are donated to local charity at the end of the year.




    Parents/legal guardians of students, who wish to inspect and review the cumulative records of said students, shall submit a request in writing to the principal of the student’s school. When the written request for review of records is received, the principal shall schedule the review. The appointment date should be as early as possible. There is a maximum forty-five (45) day limit to be used in scheduling a review. A school official competent in interpreting student records shall be present to explain the implications of the records that are examined.





    In addition to regular classroom instruction, Bill Hefner offers special programs for qualifying students through the Exceptional Children’s Program. Students identified by the School Based Committee as Exceptional (Learning Disabled, Behaviorally Emotionally Disabled, etc.) receive services by certified staff to promote academic and/or social progress. Academically/Intellectually Gifted Students are also identified and served through a certified consultant and the AIG committee. Parents are involved in all stages of the Exceptional Children’s referral identification, placement, and design of services. If you have questions, please call the EC Case Manager at 860-7058.




    Students may be checked out of school ONLY by adults listed on the student’s Verification of Address form. In order for anyone not listed on the Verification of Address form to check out a student, a written note from the parent/legal guardian (parent with whom the student resides) must be received in the office. If a parent is not allowed to visit and/or pick up a child from school, the school office must have a signed, court ordered restraining order or termination of parental rights form on file.




    Inclement weather may result in a delay in the start of school (usually 2 hours). This delay in school is a safety precaution on days when bad weather or road conditions may be dangerous, but show signs of improving. At Bill Hefner Elementary School, a delay in the schedule means that our beginning class time will be 10:30 a.m. Students may not be dropped off prior to 10:00 am. (No adult will be on premises before that time). Buses will operate on a two-hour delay and breakfast will not be served. Parents/guardians will be notified through a Parent Link Phone Call. 




    Rarely, school will close early when emergencies, such as severe weather conditions, arise. Special directions regarding time of closings will be broadcast by radio and television stations. During inclement weather, please listen for school closing information. An emergency form will be sent home at the beginning of the year for you to indicate any changes to your child’s mode of transportation during early school closings. If your child rides the bus, or carpools, please reinforce your procedures for such an event. Individual calls to all parents will not be possible during inclement weather.








    Communication between home and school is critical for student success. Conference days are scheduled at the end of the first marking period. If additional conferences are needed during the year, it will be noted on the report card. Parents/Guardians may request a conference with their child’s teacher by sending a note to the teacher, or calling the office and leaving a message for the teacher. Generally teachers will meet before school, after school, or during planning periods. WE DO NOT PERMIT PARENTS TO “DROP BY” DURING TEACHING TIME FOR A CONFERENCE. This prevents the teacher from effectively preserving the instructional time of all students.




    Our Guidance Counseling service is designed to assist students in academic, personal, and social development. The Counseling Program may be provided in small group sessions, individual services or whole group instruction. Problem-solving strategies and Character Education are major points of emphasis with the Guidance Program. Our counselors may consult with parents, administrators, and outside agencies to maximize opportunities and meet the needs of students. They work with many agencies and are trained in Peer Mediation Strategies. They may interpret test scores, and confer with parents who request to review cumulative records. Counseling at Bill Hefner Elementary is part of the regular education program. Please contact our counselors if you have any concerns.




    No person shall, on the basis of race, sex, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity operated by the Cumberland County Public School System. If an employee, student, parent or community member believes such exclusion, denial, or subjection has occurred, he/she should contact Bill Hefner Elementary School Administration, or the Superintendent’s office of the Cumberland County Board of Education.








    As required by the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001. Title I Part A, information is available at our school to include but is not limited to the following:

    • The School Improvement Plan

    • Qualifications of your child’s teacher

    • Professional development opportunities for teachers and assistants ensure highly qualified personnel

    • Opportunities for parent involvement and input

    • The Cumberland County School Improvement Plan

    • The Cumberland county Title I Parent Involvement Plan and School Parent Involvement Plan

    • Cumberland County System Report Card

    • Bill Hefner Elementary Report Card

    Please contact our school and we will be glad to provide you with this information upon request.




    No otherwise qualified individual with a disability shall, solely by reason of his or her disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination from any program or activity of the school. Qualified disabled students are entitled to a free appropriate public education. Disabled persons who believe they have been subjected to discrimination on the basis of disability may appeal to the person in the school designated to hear said grievances.

    If still unresolved, grievances may then be appealed to the school district ADA/Section 504 Coordinator.






    In accordance with Sec. 1116(a)(3)(D) of the Title I Every Student Succeeds Act requirements, our Title I school will implement the following parent and family engagement policy.  

    • Parents reflecting the socioeconomic and racial diversity of our school will serve on the School Improvement Team (SIT).  Our SIT will meet THE FOURTH Monday of each month to develop and implement school improvement strategies, the school improvement plan, and other school wide programs.  

    • Provisions will be made for parents to receive information in a timely manner.  Information includes, but is not limited to the following:  

    • school and district report cards,

    • student assessment results and interpretation of such results,

    • description of curriculum, state content standards, and how student progress is measured,

    • proficiency levels students are expected to meet,

    • opportunities for parent and family meetings to share in educational decision making, 

    • qualifications of teachers,

    • timely responses to parents and family suggestions, and

    • inclusion of parents and families input on school wide school and district project plans.


    • Our school will convene regular meetings at flexible times for parents and families throughout the school year for the purpose of planning, reviewing, sharing information, and organizing school improvement efforts.

    • An Annual Title I public meeting will be held at 5:30 on August 25, 2022, at The Hefner Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room to discuss our schoolwide Title I program, new federal regulations, and requirements as it relates to our Title I program. 

    • A School & Family Learning Compact that outlines how parents and families, entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student achievement will be sent home for parent review. 

    • Parents and families are provided opportunities to meet regularly with school personnel to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their children. 


    Parent and family engagement activities at our school include, but are not limited to:

    • Awards Days.

    • Open House.

    • K-2 & 3-5 Dances.

    • Curriculum Night.

    • Accelerated Reading Night.

    • Skate Nights.

    • Carnivals.

    • Parent/Teacher Conference Days.

    • K-1 / 2/3, 4/5 Music Nights

    I have received and reviewed the Parent & Family Engagement Policy for BILL HEFNER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

     _______________________________________           _________________________

     Parent Signature Date


    CCS Technology Acceptable Use Policy


    School system technological resources include, but are not limited to computers, interactive whiteboards and other electronic devices, networks, the Internet, phones, and copiers. The use of school system technological resources is a privilege, not a right.

    Students are given the privilege to use the Internet along with the responsibility of using it
    properly. Before using the Internet, all students must be trained about appropriate on-line
    behavior. Such training must cover topics such as cyberbullying and interacting with others on social networking websites and in chat rooms.

    In addition, before using school system computers or electronic devices or accessing the
    school network or Internet, students and employees must provide a signed agreement
    indicating that they understand and will strictly comply with the requirements of this policy and any other related rules or procedures established by the superintendent or designee.

    Students also must provide the signature of a parent or guardian. Users may not intentionally or negligently damage computers, computer systems,
    electronic devices, software, computer networks and/or data of anyone connected to
    the server or the Internet. Users may not knowingly or negligently transmit
    computer viruses or self-replicating messages or deliberately try to degrade or
    disrupt system performance. Users must scan any downloaded files for viruses.
    Users may not attempt to repair or maintain technological resources unless expressly
    authorized or directed to do so by the technology director or designee.

    Failure to adhere to the requirements of the CCS policy will result in disciplinary action, which may include immediate revocation of user privileges. Willful misuses of any school system technological resources may result in disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution under applicable state and federal law. All students and employees must receive a copy of this policy annually. Students are expected to learn and follow the guidelines set forth in this policy and must provide a written statement, signed by the student and his or her parent/guardian, acknowledging that (1) they agree that the student will adhere to all requirements and guidelines in this policy, and (2) the student assumes responsibility for his or her own actions.


    Read CCS Technology Acceptable Use Policy by visiting