• Battle of the Books

    book with thought images  Battle of the Books is an event designed for students who love to read and have a competitive spirit. Students have practices twice a week, from late September until late February. Participants read a total of 15 books, have mock competitions, and test on book titles and authors.
    In early March they join hundreds of other CCS Elementary students at the Education Resource Building(ERC)where they go head to head in a question and answer battle for top dog in the reading world. Mrs. Elkins will work with this group of students to prepare them for the competition.

    CCS Battle of the Books

  • Beta Club

    jr. beta club The National Junior Beta Club is an honor society that begins at the junior level in elementary school. Students who meet the qualifications for membership will be inducted with a candle light ceremony. This will be an annual event for Cliffdale Elementary School.

  • Safety Patrol

    orange safety cones Safety Patrol is proud to have a quality group of students as its members. Safety Patrol is made up of our 4th and  5th-grade students who are recommended by their teacher.  These students promote good safety habits in and around the school.  The purpose of Safety Patrol is to help keep our school safe by preventing accidents from occurring and to develop leadership qualities in our members. Being a member of the safety patrol is an honor that carries a great responsibility and a lot of dedication.