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    School Uniforms:  Cumberland County Schools (CCS) will pause the enforcement of all CCS school uniform dress codes, districtwide, for the 2022-2023 school year. This pause is necessitated by supply chain and uniform availability issues that we have verified with major area retailers. Some stores said that it would likely be late September or October before they received sufficient inventory. Parents of children who attend uniform schools may continue to send their children to school in uniforms if they desire to do so and are able to locate them, but there will be no penalty imposed upon a student for a uniform violation during the 2022-2023 school year. However, the district’s student dress code policy will remain in place for all CCS students. Therefore, all students will be expected to wear school-appropriate attire, even if they opt not to wear school uniforms. Shoes are to be closed toe and if your child has not yet mastered tying his/her shoe, please have him/her wear velcro shoes.

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    This website focuses on skills in math and science for grades 3-5.Study Jams

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    The AR program promotes reading comprehension skills for our children. It is a program that works with the child being read to, read with, and independently reading materials. This encourages children from kindergarten with being read to, the first-grade child with spending time reading with parents, and the second through the fifth-grade child to read independently. Reading is the key to their future success in life.  AR Book Finder Montclair Elementary’s Library Catalog – Destiny

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