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  • About Professional School Counselors

  • Thea Kraljevic, Lead School Counselor (A - EU) ext. 710

  • Jasmine McCrae, School Counselor (Ev - Lev) ext. 713

  • Kirstyn Elam, School Counselor (Lew - Rob)

  • Lindsey Nickerson, School Counselor (Roc - Z)

  • Shared School Counselors Duties

  • About School Social Workers

  • Jacqueline Henry, School Social Worker - ext. 720

  • Z'Tyla Harrison, School Social Worker (Lew-Z) ext. 209

  • La'Sharon McGinnis, EC Case Teacher

  • Other Student Services Support Staff

  • GOT QUESTIONS? DBHS Eagles Check-in

    Checking in is NOT just for Places... Eagle Family, We miss you!! The adjustments we have had to make during this time can be difficult for some and we want to be sure that you all continue to get the support you need. Attached you will find a ‘Check-In’ Form that can be used to let us know how you are doing and to request additional support if needed. Please use the form as often as you need.  DBHS Eagles Check-in Form

    Stay safe!

    Ms. Kraljevic, School Counselor – Lead
    Ms. Kirstyn Elam, School Counselor
    Ms. Nickerson, School Counselor
    Ms. McCrae, School Counselor

    Ms. Petra Everette, Clerk
    Ms. Henry, School Social Worker

    Ms. Harrison, School Social Worker

  • 21st CCLC After-School Tutoring Information

    For information concerning these 21st CCLC offers from Fayetteville State University for 9th and 12th Grade Students, click the links below.


    Do you need help with Math and English?  GEAR UP can help! View the follwoing pdf to learn how we can help.  

    10th and 11th Graders… What is On Track? Click this link to learn more about  OnTrack

    Need a tutor? GEAR UP can help! Click the following link:

    GOT Questions? Email Janelle R. Bright
    FSU Academic Coach, GEAR UP
    Office of College Access and Success Programs
    1200 Murchison Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28301