Arts is Education

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    "It’s Not a Question of Art in Education, Art is Education”

    ~Edward Villella, Dance~


      SCHOOL OF THE ARTS – Offers a challenging curriculum with a strong academic program to further develop interest, skill, and ability in the arts.

    • It consists of 4 separate disciplines: dance, music, theatre arts, visual arts.
    • Emphasizes communicating, reading, writing, math, and using technology through the arts.
    • Integrates learning both among the arts disciplines and other subject areas.
    • Focuses on knowing about, understanding and appreciating a variety of world cultures and historical periods.
    • Promotes processes learned in the arts and their application to other disciplines as well as to life beyond high school.
  • Eligibility Requirements:

    • Min. 2.7 GPA
    • Audition/Portfolio
    • Faculty recommendations

    As an integral part of a strong academic program, the School of the Arts challenges both the intellectual and aesthetic capabilities of students. Students engage in a rigorous course of Arts study that broadens creative interests, develops artistic skills and abilities, and promotes physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth. The School Of The Arts provides a framework for students to explore and to develop their artistic abilities, to participate in integrated learning experiences, and to develop skills in critical and creative thinking, problem recognition/problem solving, and teamwork. In addition to developing their own artistic ability, students focus on enhancing their knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the arts through the study of a variety of world cultures, historical periods, and contemporary styles and trends. 
    Students enrolled in the School of the Arts must complete at least four-course requirements in one of the following four arts disciplines: Dance, Music, Theatre Arts, or Visual Arts. In addition to meeting Academy requirements, students must graduate under the College Tech Prep or College Prep Programs. Interested students must be high school students (rising freshman-senior) enrolled in the Cumberland County School system that has a GPA of at least 2.7 on a 4.0 scale with a 3.0 in the arts discipline.


  • Elements of School of the Arts:

    • Rigorous personal and artistic challenges as a means of deepening the individual.
    • Opportunities to study with guest artists.
    • Small groups interaction between artists, students, and staff.
    • The curriculum demonstrates a commitment to students’ artistic advancement.
    • Focus on artistic literacy fostered by connecting students with art outside the program.
    • An activity enriched curriculum that embraces critical thinkers.
    • Instructional materials are specifically designed to accommodate various learning styles.
    • Educational partnerships with businesses, industries, arts institutions, colleges, and universities.


    Admission Requirements:

    • An overall GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale with a 3.0 in the arts discipline.
    • An audition or portfolio assessment.
    • An essay describing why one aspires to be a member of the School of the Arts
    • A recommendation form filled out by a teacher knowledgeable of one’s talent.
    • A copy of the student’s most recent report card.


  • Band

  • Choral/Music

  • Dance

  • Orchestra

  • Theatre Arts

  • Visual Arts