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    Seventy-First High is committed to fostering a welcoming and hospitable environment for students that honors cultural differences and is built upon a foundation of mutual respect. 
    Students are encouraged to take part in various types of organizations and activities that would enable them to gain a memorable high school experience. The school offers a wide range of clubs and organizations, activities, leadership development, sports, community service, and arts opportunities to augment their high school career. If they don’t find any school activity that suits their needs,  there are volunteer works "in or out" of school they can participate in. Moreover, students are encouraged to be involved and engaged to have a successful student life while at Seventy-First.



Student News

  • CTE Department Soared High  1st semester, 2022

    Ms. Whitney Johnson’s 4th period Career Management students worked extremely hard to obtain the CTE Conover Credentials in Workplace Readiness/ Job Readiness. These credentials show they have exhibited skills in Attitude, Communication, Planning and organizing, Critical Thinking, Interpersonal/ Social Skills, Teamwork, Professionalism, and Media Rules. The credentials are very valuable to their resumes when filling out job applications.


    Ms. Kimberly Rivera’s Adobe Visual Design students received over 60 certifications in the Adobe Visual Academy Course. All creativity was done in the classroom during class. They were focused, determined and their creativity was phenomenal. Congratulations to these students.

    Image list of names of certified students


    Not to be outdone, Mr. Jeffrey Price’s Woodworking II students did an outstanding job as well. Everyone of his Woodworking II students received the Sawblade Certificate sponsored by the Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA). They have to go through an extensive 3-step process. They have to complete:

    1. A measuring process on 5 machines
    2.  A hands-on process on 5 machines
    3. Take a 40 question National test where they have to score at least an 80 or above.

    Congratulations!! to the following students: Kaleigh Baldwin, Dominique Harris, Ja'Lashia Hart, Princess Ross and Sayaer Tucker.

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  • SFHS Chinese III Students Collaborate with New Epoch Bilingual Students in China

    Seventy-First High School Chinese III honors class students had a collaborative lesson with Shanghai NewEpoch Bilingual High School students in China. During this collaborative lesson, students made presentations, performances and exchanged questions in the target languages. This collaborative lesson is a bridge for our students to interact with students from different cultures. It also gives our students new perspectives on how cultures and practices differ worldwide. 

    SFHS students with the Chinese students virtually


    Chinese teacher and the principal talking with the teacher in China


    The principal talking with students

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