Student Services


  • Emonique Grevel - Lead Counselor - Last Names - A-F -
    Melody Park - Last Names - G-L -
    Mary Holt - Last Names - M-R -
    Kraczkowski, Stephanie - Last Names - S-Z -

    Counselor Duties

    Professional school counselors are certified/licensed educators with a minimum of a Master's degree in school counseling, making them uniquely qualified to address students' cognitive, socio-emotional, and career development needs by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program. They also provide consultation, individual and group counseling, and academic advisement. In addition, they provide prevention, crisis intervention, and conflict resolution.

Social Worker

  • Christia Shuler: 11th - 12 Grades
    Robinson, Crystal: 9th - 10th Grades

    School Social Workers are trained mental health professionals with a Bachelors's or Master's degree in social work. They are the link between the home, school, and community. School social workers provide direct as well as indirect services to students, families and school personnel such as monitoring school attendance, promoting dropout prevention, consultation, information and referral, identification of at-risk students, and counseling. In addition, they provide prevention, crisis intervention, and conflict resolution.

School Resource Officer (SRO)

  • John Pryor -

    Terry Sanford High School has a uniformed SRO on duty at all times.  The School Resource Officer Program is a collaborative effort by certified law enforcement officers, educators, students, parents, and the community to offer law-related educational programs in schools in an effort to reduce crime, drug abuse, and violence, and provide a safe school environment.

    The SRO assists school administration with anyone who is causing disruption, truancy issues, and any criminal activities on campus.  The SRO performs ongoing security checks of the campus, attends conferences when necessary, supervises traffic at the beginning and end of each school day, keeps incident and accident reports, conducts classroom activities on a wide range of topics, and much more.

Data Manager

AIG Coordinator

AP Coordinator

CTE Facilitator


General Information

  • AIG
    Career and Technical Education
    NC Virtual Public School
    Understanding Your PSAT Score Report

    – Appointments –

    • We have an open-door policy in the Counseling Office for students wishing to see their counselor. However, if the counselor is not available or if the visit will cause them to miss being in class, the student will need to see Mrs. Sager, school registrar, to schedule an appointment.
    • Students with emergency situations will be seen immediately by the first available counselor.
    • All students must sign in prior to being assisted. Students may visit the Counseling Office before school, after school, and at the beginning of their lunch period.
    • Students may also stop by the Counseling Office between classes to schedule an appointment with the counselor.
    • If a student chooses to stop by between classes they need to make sure they have enough time to make it to class without being tardy.
    • Counseling Office Phone Number 910-484-1151
    • Counseling Office Fax Number 910-484-7203

School Exceptional Children Case Manager

  • Stacy Pritchett - stacypritchett

    Phone: 910-484-1151
    The EC Case Teacher can address concerns for students eligible for special education services. They can verify service implementation and communicate with the student’s team to meet their academic and functional needs. In addition, she can coordinate Child Find. This is a coordinated effort between the Student Services Team and the Exceptional Children Services to locate and identify children and youth suspected of or diagnosed with a disability who might have intellectual, physical, or emotional disabilities and are unable to benefit from the regular school program without special assistance.

School Psychologist

  • W. David Jones -

    School psychologists are highly trained in both psychology and education, completing a minimum of a specialist-level degree program. They provide assessment and testing of students for special services.  Consultation for teachers.  Counseling for students.  In addition, they provide prevention, crisis intervention, conflict resolution, and program modification for special learning and/or behavioral needs.

CCS Military Family & Youth Liaison

  • Emily Graham -

    The military family and youth liaison (MFYL) acts as a communication link between the installation and the school district in order to ease the transition for the military students.  The MFYL coordinates and supports efforts to: assess needs, build awareness of resources, and connect those with needs to supportive solutions.

School Nurse

  • Pamela Falter - 

    School nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being, academic success and life-long achievement and health of students. School nurses facilitate health services such as immunizations, communicable disease control, vision and hearing screening and follow-up, health assessments, and referrals, and health counseling and information for students and families. School nurses actively collaborate with school personnel, students and parents to create health plans and to administer.

Community Resources