Student Resources

  • NC WiseOwl NC Online Windows for Learning has been providing online resources for our school since 1999.  The mission of NCWiseOWL is to ensure that all of our students have access to a collection of online resources for use in research projects, homework assignments, and just learning in general.

    NCWiseOWL has two major strengths as an educational resource: 

    • Quality: Information on the Internet at-large is often unreliable and inappropriate for use in the K-12 education field.  NCWiseOWL’s databases provide access to articles from thousands of magazines, from online encyclopedias and reference sources, and from a variety of other sources that are more appropriate for our students.
    • Safety: The World Wide Web was never intended as a K-12 educational tool.  Using NCWiseOWL for online research places students in a safer, advertising-free environment with age-appropriate information and tools that assist students with the research process.


    Please see the media coordinator for NCWiseOwl password.