Staff Directory

PFHS Administration

Name Title Email
Dr. Juelle McDonald Principal
Laura Moya 12th Grade Assistant Principal
Pierre Cobb 11th Grade Assistant Principal
Lawrence Smalls 10th Grade Assistant Principal
Jeffery Stewart 9th Grade Assistant Principal

Clerical and Support Staff

Last Name First Name Position Email
Creedmore Donna Principal's Administrative Assistant
Cunningham Randi Attendance Clerk
Godwin Brittney Cobb/Smalls Secretary
Jones Olivia Media Center Clerk
King Stacy Registrar
Lewis Beth Bookkeeper
Marsh Eric Student Services Apprentice
McLaughlin Audrey Student Services Clerk
Ramos Jailene Front Office Receptionist
Weaver Brandi Moya/Stewart Secretary
Wise Diane Data Manager

School Safety Resources

Last Name First Name Position Email
Carr Jamie School Nurse
O'Briant Ricky Safe Schools Coordinator
Singletary Deputy School Resource Officer

Student Support Staff

Last Name First Name Position Email
Anderson Brigitte Career and Technical Education Facilitator
Bunn Savannah Counselor- Special Populations (EC, ESL, 504, Grade Recovery)
Davis James Counselor- 9th Grade
Denton Lisa Media Coordinator/Web Manager
Lewis Donna Psychologist
Marsh Eric Guidance Dept.
McKoy Latoya School Social Worker
Raines Brittany Lead Counselor- 12th Grade
Ray Cheryl AIG Coordinator
Smith Adrienne Exceptional Children Case Manager
Sochovka Sheila SED Resource
Stoeckley Matthew Counselor- 11th Grade
Swan Carlos Student Military Liason
Upthegrove Brayanna Counselor- 10th Grade
Vallery Elaine Director of Academy of Information Technology Director and Academy of Emergency Medical Sciences


Last Name First Name Subject Email
Austin Jill English
Beard Susan English
Bridgers Thomas JROTC
Brower Ranisha Dance
Burge Tanner Science
Button Jennifer Social Studies
Cain Melissa Theater
Cameron Ann CTE
Candelaria Coleen EC
Cole Robert Social Studies
Copeland Alicia English
Crumpler Jeremy EC
Eni Scholastica CTE
Faircloth Paige PE
Fiala Samantha Math
Fields Kevin Math
Fletcher Temira Spanish
Ford Sophia CTE
Frisby Darlene EC
Fulmore Jonathon EC
Gagnon Sara CTE
Gemelli Neal EC
Gemelli Victoria Science
Gingerich Brittany CTE
Gmiter Renee Math
Gorman David Social Studies
Graham Nicole English
Green Chris PE
Hale William Science
Hall Denise Chorus
Hall Nicole EC
Harris Anthone ISS
Henry Heidi English
Hope Elizabeth Math
Huggar Sharon CTE
Hughes Amanda Social Studies
James Jennifer Math
Johnston Ron CTE
Jones Bridgette CTE
Jones Jennifer CTE- AOEMS
Jones Margaret EC
Jordan Liauna CTE
Kelly Mundrickus SLD
Kelly Mundrickus EC
Kingdom Ashley Science
Martinico Coralia Spanish
Mason Edward CTE
May David PE
McCall Jalen Math
McDonald-Curry Christopher Social Studies
Midgette Alda EC
Nash Yolanda CTE
Nelson Derek JROTC
Noack Angela Social Studies
Paddock Mariam ESL
Page Sara Math
Peaden James PE
Pless Kayla CTE
Quiroz Alexander CTE
Rancour Isaac PE
Raudales Julia Spanish
Raynor Luke Math
Reid Jaylan Math
Richardson James Band
Robinson Jaylyn English
Ryan Jennifer Math
Shurko Shannon Science
Simmons Cynthia EC
Slider Paige CTE
Sloss Teresa Math
Smith Manuela Art
Sochovka Bill Social Studies
Starling Linwood Science
Thames Erica Science
Thomas Jade EC
Vallery Elaine AOIT/CTE
Van Belois Sandra English
Vann Jazmin CTE
Weaver Kevin English
Welsh Terri Art
Whetzel Cindy Social Studies- Teleconference
Wickham Terry Social Studies
Willoughby Thomas PE
Wouters Alex EC
Wrench Heather Social Studies

Teacher Assistants

Last Name First Name Position Email
Bounds Carolyn TA
Cade Jaleesa Grad Point
Douglas Derrick Job Coach
Hart Dominic TA
Khouli Miloudia TA
Lewis Sharon TA
Love Victoria TA
Naik Anna TA
Ray Donna TA
Sledge William TA
Tapp Jalais TA
Williams Machard TA
Wilson Ashley TA
Woodard Regina TA


Last Name First Name Position Email
Clark Pamela PFHS Cafeteria Manager
Bradley Perlita Cafeteria
Corner Ledina Cafeteria
Davis Gwen Cafeteria
Dixon Alicia Cafeteria
Faubus Clarixsa Cafeteria
Gagnon Thomas Cafeteria
Guo Hui Qing Cafeteria
Johnson Delphaine Cafeteria
Mathlin Sandy Cafeteria
McPhatter Carolyn Cafeteria


Last Name First Name Position
Collins Cedric PFHS Head Custodian
Boswell Travis Custodian
Crowell Robert Custodian
Gillis Joshua Custodian
Graham Dorona Custodian
Hamilton Kenneth Custodian
Hoenke Clyde Custodian
Josephs Douglas Custodian
Josephs LaShay Custodian
Powell Shaun Custodian