Staff Directory


Name Title Email
Brown, Natasha Principal
Boayue, Philip Assistant Principal (7th & 8th Grade)
McKenzie, Debbie Assistant Principal (6th & 7th Grade)

Office/Support Staff

Name Title Email
Adkins, Meredith Speech Pathologist
Bala, Betty Med Clerk
Blue, Carl Youth Development Coordinator
Bryant, Sedrick Student Intervention Coordinator/Admin Asst.
Gilchrest, Makkeddah AIG Consultant
Collington, Onika Math Instructional Coach
David, Andria Guidance Counselor
Goodman-Robinson, Elan ELA Instructional Coach
Goodman, Sanora Guidance Counselor
Lindsay, Shawana Burney- Data Manager
McAllister, Stacy Bookkeeper
Myrick, Darlene Safe School Coordinator
Richardson, Nicole School Nurse
Smith, Linda Front Desk Clerk
Smith, Stella (Vanessa) Social Worker
Smith, Teresa In School Suspension/Fresh Start Academy
Steen, Karyn School Psychologist
Woods, K Deputy


Name Title Email
Blazo, Amy Media Specialist

6th Grade Teachers

Name Title Email
Bazemore, Devondra Math and Science
Bradley, Thomasina Math and Science
Calder, Jodi-Ann ELA and Social Studies
James (Blue), Peatra ELA and Social Studies
Jordan (Curry), Velvet ELA and Social Studies
McAllister, Denise ELA and Social Studies
Robertson, Kerry-Ann Math and Science
Warren, Sitiva ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies
Williams, Rickardo Math and Science

7th Grade Teachers

Name Title Email
Ademolu, Rhonielle ELA
Cunningham, Robin ELA
Daniel, Martianna Social Studies
Epps, Natascia Science
George, Steven Math
McDuffie, Marcus Social Studies
Moore, Elijah Science
Parish, Joanne Science and Social Studies
Russ, Suzanne ELA
Williams, Sasha Math
Wlezen, Ashley Math

8th Grade Teachers

Name Title Email
Brow, Kaysian ELA
Edwards, Latisha Math
Grant, Renae Math
Lewis-Poyser, Tamara Science
Randolph, David Social Studies
Smith, Ranaldo Science
Streeter, Justin Social Studies
Tamsett, Kimberly ELA

Cultural Arts and Foreign Language

Name Title Email
Clark, Mary English Second Language (ESL)
Lugo-Barriera, Aurelis Art
Terry, Gabriel Band & General Music
Webster, Marsha Spanish
Williams, Milton Orchestra & Strings

Physical Education and Health

Name Title Email
Evans, Bokeeter Health & Physical Education
Clack, Christopher Health & Physical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Name Title Email
Battle, Latrece Business and Computer Skills
Lancaster, Aurora STEAM
Thompson-Whyte, Latoya Family and Consumer Science
Thorpe, Kesha-Gay Computer Science

Exceptional Children Staff

Name Title Email
Blue, Markeiss EC ELA & Math (6th and 7th)
Brown, Shardae EC SED Teacher (6th and 7th)
Cuevas, Mary EC ELA & Math
Gilchrest, Makkeddah AIG Consultant
Jackson, Maurice EC SED Teacher (7th and 8th)
McKnight, Sheila EC Case Manager
Memminger, Abigail EC MU Teacher
Smith, Mark EC (6th-8th)
Stevens, Marcus EC ELA and Math
Pettiford, Latosha EC ID Mild Teacher
Williams, Ramona EC ID Moderate Teacher
Gordon, Natalie EC AU Teacher

Instructional Support

Name Title Email
Brodnax, Shan-Ann
Holloway, Belinda

Teacher Assistants

Name Title Email
Fairley, Mary EC ID - Moderate Assistant
Johnson, Glenn EC SED - Assistant
McCoy, Debora EC ID - Mild Assistant
Swilley, Teresa EC ID - Moderate Assistant

Custodial Staff

Name Title Email
Gill, Gwendlyn Head Custodian
Johnson, Charles Custodian
Marengo, Rolando Custodian
Sims, Tekeyah Custodian
Walker, Vershanti Custodian
Williams, Tiara Custodian

Cafeteria Staff

Name Title Email
Newton, Elizabeth Manager