Staff Directory


Name Title Email
Phyllis N. Jackson Principal
David Greene Assistant Principal, Athletic Director
Aisha Melvin Assistant Principal, Testing Coordinator

Office Staff & Student Support

Name Title Email
Toni Best Math Instructional Coach
Chelsea Ellis Counselor
Sarah Ford Front Office Reception
Kathleen Gambrell Data Manager/Registrar
Joel Holston Jr. ELA Instructional Coach
Whitney Iglesias Remediation
Jobina Johnson Social Worker
Timothy Lancaster In School Suspension
Eugenia Ohadugha Military Counselor
Jacqueline Palmer Medicine Clerk
Cheryl White Bookkeeper
Joseph Sullivan Safe School Coordinator
Nicholas Watson Counselor
Wesley Haynes School Resource Officer (SRO)
Ruth Rivera Administrative Assistant

Sixth Grade Teachers

Name Subject Team Email
Alicia Bates Math Bumble Bees
Robert Blue Math/Social Studies Carpenter Bees
Loretta Collins ELA Honey Bees
Virginia Jicha Science/Social Studies, Grade Level Chair Bumble Bees
Bosso Kouassi Math Honey Bees
LaTeshia Lennon ELA Bumble Bees
LaNyah McNeill Science/Social Studies Honey Bees
RaeAnn Spurlin ELA/Science Carpenter Bees
Jacques Dubose Math Honey Bees

Seventh Grade Teachers

Name Subject Team Email
Maya Carr Science Mud Daubers
Tyra Ellis ELA Yellow Jackets
Taheera Graves ELA Mud Daubers
Queshon Tetterton Math Yellow Jackets
Vickie Woodford Math Mud Daubers
Jakia Wynn Social Studies, Grade Level Chair Yellow Jackets

Eighth Grade Teachers

Name Subject Team Email
Gaundi Allen Social Studies, Grade Level Chair Warrior Wasps
Donovan Chambers Science Golden Wasps
Tanika Hood ELA Warrior Wasps
Jackie Ingram Math, Math I Golden Wasps
Misty Pride ELA Warrior Wasps
Liah Thomas Math Golden Wasps

World Language Teachers

Name Subject Email
Ruyi Baker Chinese
Maryam Gergis Arabic
Gisel Lans Cuesta Global Connections
Emmanual Pedroza Spanish Immersion Math
Martha Ramirez Spanish Immersion Social Studies
Franco Rodriguez English Second Language
Wanda Rodriguez Spanish Immersion Science, World Language Chair
Miriam Patullo Spanish Heritage

Core Plus and Cultural Arts

Name Subject Email
Natoshia Ashe Robotics, Twitter and Facebook Manager
Kelley Ambersley-Ray Media Coordinator, Web Page Manager, Core Plus and Cultural Arts Grade Level Chair
Dennis Burden Technology Teaching Assistant, Web Page Calendar
Cindy Campbell Chorus
Kimberly Corley Art
Asia Henry Physical Education/Health
Donna Keen CTE
Brandon LaValley Physical Education/Health
Valerie Michaelis CTE

Exceptional Children

Name Subject Email
Delma Brackins EC Case Manager
Elysa Lenczyk EC Math Support
Sushma Sztorc EC ELA Support
Crystal Stubbs Academically Gifted

Custodial Staff

Name Responsibility Email
Harriet Dingle Head Custodian
Lloyd Englinton Custodian
Monica Hunt Custodian
Ernest Mitchell Custodian
Vivian Smith Grounds Keeper
Angela Harris Custodian