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Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Vernon Lowery, Principal

Parents and Students,

Welcome to Westover High School. We are pleased to have you, the parent/guardian, as a stakeholder in your son’s/daughter’s education. As the year progresses and you become more informed, we encourage you to call the school and talk with me about your child’s educational needs.  If your question deals with in-class events, please make an appointment with the teacher. If your concern is in regards to the overall program, curriculum, discipline, or activities, please contact me directly.

One of our goals for the 2023-2024 school year is to see that the parents and guardians of students – like the students themselves – feel at home at Westover. To accomplish that, Parentlink phone calls are made every Sunday to all students’ homes throughout the school year, providing each parent/guardian with information about upcoming events and activities.

At the beginning of school, each student will receive a copy of Westover’s School Policy and Procedures, as well as Cumberland County Schools Student Code of Conduct Handbook. Both documents will provide clear information on the expectations of our students.

We are glad to have you with us this year, and we want to assure you that we will do our best to help your child experience academic, social, and emotional growth. With your help and cooperation, this should be an excellent school year.


Dr. Vernon Lowery
Westover High School

Email: vernonlowery@ccs.k12.nc.us




Degrees and Certifications:

Westover High School Assistant Principals

Nicole Barton - 9th Grade Assistant Principal 

Mark Piper Hutchens- 10th Grade Assistant Principal 

Janet Blue - 11th Grade Assistant Principal

Kristle Rouse - 12th Grade Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

  • The Administration of Westover High School is dedicated to developing the fullest potential of all students.

    Recognizing that each student is unique, we are committed to creating great classrooms to ensure progress and success for each student.  In cooperation with the home and community, we strive to emphasize tolerance and respect for others and to encourage positive self-concepts.

    At a time when our students are experiencing rapid changes in their development, we strive to have a diversified curriculum that will encompass the interests, needs, and aspirations of all our students.  Our curriculum should help our students attain maximum use of intellectual, creative, and physical potential.

    At Westover High School, we feel that it is imperative that our personnel be qualified, dedicated, and cognizant of the dignity and worth of each individual.  We must continue to examine our objectives and our methods and to strive for a deeper understanding of the needs of our students.  We strongly believe that an effective school should be a place where everyone wants to come every morning; a place where both staff and students feel safe and are willing to take risks for continuous improvement.

    Your Instructional Leaders,

    Dr. Vernon Lowery, Principal

    Mrs. Janet Blue, Assistant Principal

    Mr. Mark Piper Hutchens, Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Nicole Barton, Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Kristle Rouse, Assistant Principal