Our Administrative Team

Phone: 910-864-0092


Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Queesha Tillman

Greetings to all of our 71st Classical Middle School families and community! It is very exciting and rewarding to work as your Principal – the home of the KNIGHTS! My personal motto is Excellence, Empowerment, & Leading with the heart! As your school leader, I take pride in supporting and equipping our future leaders with constructive strategies to manage LIFE with appropriate social and emotional responses through salient and relevant educational curriculum.

There is a large emphasis on treating each other as a family here, which means that everyone is expected to use his/her best manners, respect one another, be a responsible citizen, and help each other in every way possible to make sure that our school is a safe and a pleasant place to learn. We feel that every scholar here at this school is important, and we want all scholars to experience that wonderful feeling of success! I couldn’t be more excited to join this team of educators who are committed to the importance of character, acceptance, perseverance, and grit.  Should you ever need to speak with me, please feel free to email me at queeshatillman@ccs.k12.nc.us or call me at 910-864-0092.


Phone: 910.864.0092


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Virginia Jicha

Welcome to the home of the KNIGHTS!  My name is Virginia Jicha and I am privileged and honored to serve as your assistant principal.  Here, at 71st Classical Middle School, we have high expectations of our scholars and a proclivity towards good manners and responsible citizenship.  Together with Dr. Tillman and our staff of  compassionate educators, it is my goal to provide excellence in leadership to empower our students to achieve their personal best by leading from the heart.  My personal Motto is impossible and takes a little longer.  As a former military spouse and a mother, I understand the struggles our students face in our constantly changing world. I want to equip our students with not just a sound education but with the confidence to handle the challenges of life by coaching appropriate social and emotional responses and by modeling good character, acceptance, perseverance and grit.   My door is open and you can reach me at virginiajicha@ccs.k12.nc.us or call me at 910-864-0092.

Our Mission

  • The staff of Seventy-First Classical Middle School is committed to providing a safe and caring environment where students will learn, appreciate diversity, display good character, and become responsible citizens.

Our Beliefs

  • To fulfill our mission, the faculty and staff of Seventy-First Classical Middle School have set the following beliefs:

    • Student learning is the first priority at our school.
    • Each student is an important individual with unique intellectual, emotional, social, and physical needs.
    • A safe and orderly environment promotes student learning.
    • Character education concepts, a prescribed dress code, and a student code of conduct provide an environment of high expectations within our school.
    • Teachers, staff, parents, students, and community members share in the responsibility of providing a cohesive learning environment.
    • High expectations and clear goals for student success should guide the curriculum and the development of instructional strategies.
    • Curriculum and instructional practices should incorporate a variety of activities and strategies to accommodate differences in learning styles.
    • Assessments of student learning should provide a variety of opportunities for students to demonstrate achievement and mastery.
    • The commitment to continuous improvement is the focus, which enables students to become global citizens, problem solvers, creative thinkers, and independent learners.