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  • Grades K-5

    Traditional 10 – Month Calendar


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    Teresa C. Berrien Elementary is located in the downtown community of Fayetteville on North Street. Our school has served children from Fayetteville's inner-city since its inception in 1950… over 70 years ago. T.C. Berrien is strengthened by a supportive and philanthropic fellowship, with extended support from churches and local businesses. A long-standing partnership with Eaton Corporation provides additional support for our students. City churches contribute school supplies each year for our students and food contributions for a Backpack program. This year T.C. Berrien Elementary and a local church have partnered to offer personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID-19 supplies for all of our students. The staff at T.C. Berrien Elementary come from diverse backgrounds. The majority of faculty members live in the local community or within a 20-mile commute. Our school has a perfect blend of veteran and new teachers. Despite the difficulty of the current state of affairs, our proud staff expresses a genuine love for learning and this school's students.

    The following vision and mission were collaboratively developed in the summer of 2020 by the School Improvement Team with input from the entire T.C. Berrien Elementary staff. 

    VisionSuccess and growth for all!

    1. Mission: We, the faculty of T.C. Berrien Elementary, will provide safe, high-quality, and effective learning experiences that equip our students for life in the 21st century. We will incorporate the 3Rs in all that we present to our students and families.
    2. Beliefs:

      • Every student is a unique individual enriched with varying needs, interests, and abilities.
      • Teachers should be sensitive to individual learning behaviors and modify their teaching methods accordingly.
      • Students should have opportunities to grow and practice higher-level thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.
      • Effective communication should be established, sustained, and strengthened between the home, school, and community.
      • Learning experiences should empower students to reach their greatest mastery level in all content areas, as outlined in the Common Core Curriculum and North Carolina Essential Standards.
      • Each student should be provided with a safe, clean, and orderly learning environment.