School Profile

  • Grades 6-8

    Traditional 10 Month Calendar


    Phone: 910-424-3131
    Fax: 910-424-0066

    South View Middle School is a learning community that provides instructional strategies that embrace student and faculty diversity.   Our staff believes that all students will have great success. Our daily focus consists of opportunities for students to learn as they mature into young adults.

    Our faculty and staff proudly serve students by modeling citizenship, taking pride in themselves, their students and community, as well as meeting the needs of all students.

    Our students work extremely hard to achieve their personal, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth goals. They are motivated to attain the academic and educational foundations necessary for their future.

    The staff and I are excited about the opportunity we have before us. Our goal at South View Middle is to provide a family atmosphere for learning and to prepare all students for the 21st Century. We invite you to the “Home of the Bobcats,” where everyone is family.