School Profile

  • Grades Pre-K – 5

    Traditional 10 – Month Calendar

    School of Math


    Phone: 910-864-0148
    Fax: 910-867-8902

    Welcome to Ponderosa Elementary. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and caring environment where all children and adults want to come. We truly believe that you will be able to immediately see our high level of dedication to the development of our children.

    The administration, faculty, and staff of Ponderosa pledge to treat all of our children as if they are our own. We take the responsibility of providing your child with a positive school experience very seriously. It is our goal to create a nurturing environment that develops life-long learners.

    We desire your support and involvement as we work together to serve our children. If you have any suggestions of how we can make our school a better place, please do not hesitate to share them with us. Input from parents/guardians is a necessity in providing an environment that is focused on achieving the high standards of our school.

    Again, please feel free to contact the school with any suggestions, concerns, questions, or praises that you may have.