School Profile

  • Grades 6-8

    Traditional 10-Month Calendar

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    Phone: 910-487-2001
    Fax: 910-487-2009

    New Century International Middle School (NCIMS) strives to provide enriching educational experiences to develop the individual strengths of each student.  As educators, we prepare our students to be global learners and problem solvers prepared to solve the challenges of tomorrow today.

    NCIMS is an International school focusing on global studies.  We have multiple international teachers, and students learn Chinese as a part of our curriculum.

    Core Values
    New Century International Middle School will foster an environment of lifelong learning where students and staff model compassion, integrity, and dedication. We will celebrate the diversity of our community by being respectful and compassionate of all cultures.

    The vision of New Century International Middle School is to empower all Titans to become integral members of our global community by providing diverse learning experiences.

    Our mission at New Century International Middle School is to place learning at the core of our diverse community of motivated individuals.  Students will develop strong global competencies through multi-disciplinary education as we promote a safe, respectful, challenging, and supportive environment that celebrates and honors student achievement, creativity, and diversity.

    Titan Pledge
    Are Teachable: Ready to Learn,
    Have Integrity: Can Keep Their Word,
    Are Always on Time and Looking Fine,
    and Conduct Themselves in a Noble Way.
    TITAN Expectations Are the Only Way.