School Profile

  • Grades 6-8

    Traditional 10-Month Calendar

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    Phone: 910-487-2001
    Fax: 910-487-2009

    New Century International Middle School (NCIMS) strives to provide enriching educational experiences to develop the individual strengths of each student.  As educators, we prepare our students to be global learners and problem solvers prepared to solve the challenges of tomorrow today.

    NCIMS is an International school focusing on global studies.  We have multiple international teachers, and students learn Chinese as a part of our curriculum.

    Core Values

    RESPECT - We foster mutual acceptance and appreciation of all individuals.

    DIVERSITY - We embrace equity, positive mindsets, and the uniqueness of all.

    INTEGRITY - We promote a sense of fairness and honesty.

    ACCOUNTABILITY - We take ownership and responsibility of our actions.

    INNOVATION - We pursue new thought processes, ideas, and solutions.

    Every TITAN will be Respectful, Responsible, and Resilient Global Citizens.

    New Century International Middle School will provide an environment that celebrates student achievement, creativity, growth, and global diversity.