School Profile

  • Grades 6-8

    Traditional 10- Month Calendar

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    Phone: 910-822-2570
    Fax: 910-822-1534

    Luther “Nick” Jeralds Middle School opened its doors in September 1977, and after numerous name and grade level changes finally became the Luther “Nick” Jeralds Middle School we all know today.

    Our school, located on Ramsey Street near downtown Fayetteville, currently serves approximately 600 students. We receive the majority of our students from Westarea, Ferguson/Easley, Lucille Souders, Warrenwood, Pauline Jones, T. C. Berrien, and Margaret Willis Elementary schools.

    Luther “Nick” Jeralds Middle School brags that it has a faculty and staff who come to work excited about working with children each day. Teachers have developed engaging and exciting lesson plans that allow students to thrive and flourish in the educational environment. Students are met each day at the entrance to the building with a kind word or a hello and enter into a clean, safe, and caring school. We have established a number of programs to help children become life-long learners such as our: Eagles Nest Learning program which offers rigorous instruction in reading and math at the beginning of our school day, during lunch and an after-school tutoring program geared toward enriching the minds of those students who exhibit a need for extra help in reading and math. We have also implemented initiatives that will allow our students to become successful, productive members of society.

    Home of the “Soaring Eagles” Excellence is the Expectation.