School Profile

  • Grades 9-12

    Traditional 10-Month Calendar

    Academy of Integrated  Systems Technology and Applied Engineering


    Jack Britt High School is housed in a modern, state-of-the-art facility that has won several national awards for its design. With an established reputation as one of the premier schools in North Carolina, this high school has been recognized as an Honor School of Excellence.

    Our athletic program is equal in quality to our academic program. We have been recognized several years in a row as the school in the Mid-South Conference with the best overall athletic program.

    Students who wish to be involved in extracurricular activities have their choice of over twenty-six different clubs. Band, while part of the regular curriculum, also offers students opportunities to participate in our 140 members strong marching band.  Our Forensics Program is one of the best in the state with several nationally ranked members. The coach has been voted the State Forensics Coach of the Year for the past three years. The Science Olympiad Team is always a tough team to beat and finishes high in regional competitions, and the Yearbook has won several national awards.

    We maintain close ties with the community and we enjoy active partnerships with over thirty-three businesses. We have an active Family Advisory Council that holds monthly meetings; no dues are charged, all parents are invited to attend, and they mail out newsletters.

    Our staff is highly qualified and highly motivated with high expectations for students and themselves. They believe learning should be challenging, exciting, and life-long and should take place in an environment that is clean, safe, and attractive.

    Students achieve academically at Jack Britt High School. Regardless of their post-secondary plans, we offer the courses they need to excel. From Advanced Placement to hands-on career exploration, our teachers are able to guide students as they prepare for academic and career challenges in the twenty-first century. In addition to a broad, comprehensive curriculum, we offer The Academy of Integrated Technology. This very specialized curriculum is designed for those students planning to focus on engineering as a career objective.