School Profile

  • Grades 5 – 8

    Traditional 10 – Month Calendar


    Phone: 910-483-5434
    Fax: 910-323-3159

    Mission Statement

    The Mission of Howard Learning Academy, in collaboration with the community, is to provide a safe and caring environment conducive to 21st Century learning that will enable successful outcomes in all aspects of the student’s development.

    Our vision at Howard Learning Academy is to prepare students to be career and college-ready in a globally competitive society.

    We envision a school where:

    • Students will achieve test scores at or above the state average through active engagement.
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to express ideas effectively through oral and written communication.
    • Students will think independently and creatively through the use of knowledge gained from real-life experiences and educational instruction.
    • Students are encouraged to accept responsibility for their learning and behavior through their personal actions and choices by critically assessing situations.
    • Parents will be actively involved in their child’s education by communicating frequently with teachers, attending conferences, and positively reinforcing the importance of education at home.

    The teachers and staff at Howard Learning Academy believe that every child can learn and we are commented to the development of our students academically and socially. We look forward to our year and working with all stakeholders to achieve success for our students.