School Profile

  • Grades 6 – 8

    Traditional 10 – Month Calendar


    Phone: 910-483-5434
    Fax: 910-323-3159

    Mission Statement:

    The Mission of Howard Learning Academy is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to equip students with strategies that enable successful outcomes in all areas of the student’s social-emotional, behavioral, and academic development.

    Our vision...

     at Howard Learning Academy: 

    • Students are encouraged to accept responsibility for their behavior and learning through their personal actions and choice by critically assessing situations to respond appropriately.
    • Students will think independently and creatively through the use of knowledge gained from real life experiences and educational instruction.
    • Parents/Guardians will be actively involved in their child's education by communicating frequently with teachers, attending conferences, and positively reinforcing the importance of education at home.