School Profile

  • Grades K – 5

    Traditional 10 – Month Calendar

    Choice Program: Spanish Immersion Program


    Phone: 910-822-5100
    Fax: 910-822-8413

    Howard Hall Classical Elementary School is committed to the 3 R’s of education: Relationships, relevance, and rigor.

    Relationships are a top priority at our school. We believe in providing a safe, caring, and supportive environment in which students thrive.

    Relevance in our school provides for continual evaluation of student achievement. We use the most current research-based teaching strategies for student learning and are guided by the essential question, “What does this child need to succeed?”

    Rigor is provided by teachers who continually grow as professionals and a strong character education program. It is our goal to enhance listening, communication, thinking skills, and differentiated instruction while building on the strengths and addressing the personal goals of each student.