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    E.E. Miller Elementary School opened in 1991 as a traditional school. In 2000, E.E. Miller became a School of Choice with a Year-Round program. Currently, we have 550 students in Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade. Our motto is “Year-Round Education – Where Our Journey of Learning Never Ends.”  We experience many benefits from the year-round schedule. Starting each July, students attend school for nine-week sessions followed by three-week breaks. The year-round schedule promotes school spirit, retention of academics, positive behavior, and improved morale.

    E.E. Miller has been distinguished with many honors that include National Blue Ribbon, Governor’s Entrepreneurial Award, and Golden Key Award. We offer educational opportunities to meet the needs of all children, including looping, and team teaching. Our teachers use a variety of research-based methods to motivate and engage students in their learning. Visitors will observe students actively involved in cooperative learning lessons, morning meetings, learning centers, hands-on science and math instruction, and more. We are proud to be the Home of the Bulldogs, where we have created a learning environment that is caring, safe and celebrates the many successes of our students.