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  • Grades 9 – 12

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    Mailing Address: PO Box 2357 Fayetteville, NC 28302

    Phone: 910-486-7300
    Fax: 910-486-7325

    Cumberland Polytechnic High School is a small serene high school located on the top floor of the Neil A. Curry Building on the campus of Fayetteville Technical Community College.  This Cooperative Innovative High School is designed to attract students who are dedicated to pursuing diplomas, licenses, certificates and associates’ degrees that lead to college transfer and job market skills in the following areas:

    • health services
    • finance
    • transportation
    • distribution & logistics
    • information technology
    • manufacturing
    • human services
    • education & training
    • business management & administration

    This is all made possible as a result of our strong partnership with Fayetteville Technical Community College.  The curriculum incorporates rigorous coursework into all subjects which are taught at the honors level.  As part of the Polytechnic experience, the student will also complete 40 hours of community service per year.